America, why do you want to make Donald Trump your king?


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Back in 2008, Barack Obama took the political scene by storm. He made promise after promise about what his administration was going to do to save America after eight years of George W. Bush. Fast forward to 2015 and the transformation of the Executive Branch that started well before Obama took office has rocketed into a force that has made Congress largely irrelevant through executive orders, actions, and regulations.

The actions by the government over the last 14 years spawned new organizations such as the Tea Party, 9/12 groups, and others. Americans appeared to be fed up with the status quo of an overbearing and overreaching government and demanded the return of their freedom and the checks and balances to rein things in. Unfortunately, over those years many of those people who woke up and stood against the coming nightmare became so desperate for answers and actions that in a fit of emotion have embraced a candidate that would not be a servant to all but a king.

Donald Trump talks a really good game in regards to all of the things he will do to restore America. The thing is its not the President’s job to do those things. The President is supposed to be the head of one branch of government and act as a balance against the other two. A good president is not one who uses the force of government to make things happen, the best are the ones that use their position to force government to get out of the way of the people so that they can do those things.

Donald Trump has always been a supporter of big government. Go watch his multiple testimonies before Congress as a business man. Time and time again he praises government when it is powerful and criticizes when government backs off to let individuals and free markets function in freedom. Donald Trump may very well do some good things as President but he will do them as a king, ruling from the throne of power built for him by previous administrations. America is in critical need of a strong leader. The leader we need is one that will dissolve the crippling regulations, nominate qualified jurists to the Supreme Court, while being strong on important issues such as border control and foreign policy.

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4 thoughts on “America, why do you want to make Donald Trump your king?

  1. Why, because I hate ALL politicians, that’s why. Politicians make a living of lying and sucking off the teet of the taxpayer for most of their life.

  2. Why you ask? Simple the silent majority, middle America, the quiet
    majority, all of us are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. There is no two party political system in America, there is only a criminal cabal in DC supported by a paid for, corrupt media and the low
    information liberal and so-called conservative voters who vote based on skin color, the turn of a phrase, or the good looks of a candidate. We’re tired of American interests & assets being sold to the highest
    foreign bidder, the invasion of America by cultures that will never assimilate with our own and whose sole purpose in America is to convert,
    subjucate or kill all, religion of peace my asz among others.
    That’s why Trump is drawing the attention he is. Trump is doing a lot of talking and making a lot of promises,who knows how that will turn out. obama did a lot of talking and made a lot of promises, look how that
    turned out. I liken the mood in America to the scene in the movie where
    the townsfolk pitchforks & torches in hand storm the castle and burn
    the doctor and the Frankenstein monster out.

    1. Sure there’s a prompt way out – for the best only of course. Know that embassy in DC over there?.. Need contacts, phone numbers?..

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