WARNING IOWA! List of Socialists running as Democrats

Marxist birds of a feather…

IOWA, do not vote until you read this!

As revealed in Trevor Loudon’s film the Enemies Within, the democrat party has been compromised by subversive socialist groups, including labor unions, that seek to fundamentally transform America. While socialist Bernie Sanders did not win the democratic nomination for president, his surrogates are hard at work scheming to force as many socialists into office as possible.

See the below list of socialists who are posing as democrats in Iowa.

Our Revolution, Brand New Congress (who has not yet announced their candidates) – and Berniecrats, a compilation of socialist candidates – are just a few of the socialist organizations focused on infusing local, state and federal government with socialists. Related to Iowa specifically, the local affiliates of the AFL-CIO and Americans for Democratic Action also endorse socialists running as democrats. 

Just this month, the Iowa branch of the AFL-CIO openly linked to the official newspaper of the Communist Party USA network, People’s World:


There are many other subversive organizations providing funding and other support to radical left-wing candidates, such as Emily’s List, Human Rights Campaign and Council for a Livable World.

Here is the list exclusively for Iowa, sorted by organization:* 

Our Revolution (socialists):

Berniecrats (socialist candidates endorsed by Bernie Sanders, or have endorsed Bernie Sanders):

Emily’s List (Pro-Abortion Democrat women):

Human Rights Campaign (“Bathroom bill” organization)

Council for a Livable World (anti-military)

*Note, many of these candidates are endorsed by – and receive funding and support by – multiple subversive organizations.

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8 thoughts on “WARNING IOWA! List of Socialists running as Democrats

  1. Thank you for compiling the names of all these noble comrades! I will make sure this gets distributed to everyone I know so the proletariat knows who to vote for! Union now! Down with greedy capitalist pigs! Workers unite! Share the wealth! Power to the people! Let true democracy ring!

  2. I found your website back in 2008 when Obama was running for the first time. Loved it! I sent links of the information on your site to everyone on my email list and asked them to forward it to people on their email lists.

    I’m glad to see you’re still in the game. When I sent out your information in 2008 I said something along the line of “this man is unbiased as he lived in New Zealand.” I hope I was right.

    Please keep up the good work you do!

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