Your Handy, Dandy Trump Vs. Cruz Comparison Chart! [UPDATED]

Doug Ross @ Journal
Hat Tip: BB

Newly updated and presented without comment for your consideration.

Simply click each policy or issue to read the back-story.

Policy or Issue Trump Cruz
In 2013, supported Amnesty for all 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. Yes No
In 2000, supported an Assault Weapons Ban Yes No
In 2015, supported “touchback” Amnesty for every illegal alien in the U.S. Yes No
In 2000, supported Partial-Birth Abortion Yes No
In 2015, lied to gun media about his past support for an Assault Weapons Ban Yes No
Supports seizure of private property by the government using Eminent Domain (Kelo) Yes No
Supports Mitch McConnell’s habitual lies to constituents and fellow GOP Senators Yes No
Currently courting and being courted by GOP establishment Yes No
Currently supports crony capitalism: billions in taxpayer ethanol subsidies Yes No
In 2000, supported Extended Waiting Periods to Acquire Firearms Yes No
Amount of debt owed to bankers Many billions $1 million
Amount donated to the bogus Clinton “Foundation” $100,000 0
Spends virtually every waking moment on social media Yes No
Has registered as a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Republican and “No Party” Yes No
Has personally insulted nearly every potential running mate Yes No
Endorsed by GOPe icon Bob Dole, who thought Ronald Reagan was “too fringe” Yes No
Number of bankruptcies declared by firms he led 4 0
Amount of debt defaulted on $4.7 billion $0.00
Number of times married 3 1
Number of “birther” conspiracy theories circulated 2 0
Praised/endorsed Communist for Mayor of New York Yes No
Appears to shift his position on important issues literally overnight ? No
A guy so stable, sober and poised that you want his finger on the button ? Yep

As I’ve said repeatedly:

I would vote for Donald Trump over the Democrat nominee in the event he is the GOP candidate. Because I would vote for a Sesame Street character over the Democrat. But remember: you will get what you pay for.


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9 thoughts on “Your Handy, Dandy Trump Vs. Cruz Comparison Chart! [UPDATED]

  1. Information from 2000 is NOT updated!!! Trump is now anti-abortion for example. Get with it, use 2015 updates throughout the list, thank you.

    1. Carollyn, Trump’s 2015 views? How about his freaking swing left from last week? What will his views be as he moves on from securing the nomination and tries to smooze the left? If he has anything resembling a core, it is left leaning.

      we are screwed as a nation

  2. Trump is also supposedly isolating the media during his stumps. There is a TIMES piece posted at Yahoo on Jan 29, titled, “Donald Trump Doesn’t Win in Cheap Seats at Rally”. There is also a piece about CNN anchor talking about ‘journalists’ begin afraid to criticize him because they do you him coming after them. Instapundit carried that one a few days ago. Then there is ABC who during their debate caved in cutting ties with that New Hampshire guy from their newspaper The Union because they ran a piece he didn’t like and Trump blackmailed them he would come to their debate.

    Then add on to the bankruptcy part, “Trump fallfor internet hoax, draws ire of Saudi Prince” at Legal Insurrection, where Trump tweeter vomited at 7:29AM, Jan 28 a retweet of a photoshopped pic of Prince Alwaleed with his sister and [Mygan] Kelly with that false leftist meme about Alwaleed being ‘co-owner’ of FoxNews.

    Prince Alwaleed responds from @Alwaleed_Talal at 1:24PM, Jan 28: “Trump: You base your statements on photoshopped pics? I bailed you out twice;a 3rd time, maybe?”

    So, basically, Trump is beholden to the Sauds. Nice. When people stand for nothing, they’ll fall for anything. And just in case anyone wants to go crazy trying to defend what is obviously rank stupidity, it’s 6.6% shares of 21 Century Fox, the parent company of FoxNews, NOT FoxNews, and it’s the Prince’s investment firm, not him personally, and since he’s foreigner he has no stock voting rights.

  3. Many feel the same way Stephen. Trump’s disapproval ratings are far higher than Cruz’s..Anther reason we have to make sure that Cruz is the nominee.

  4. I am a Cruz supporter, as such, I agree with the conclusions of these comparisons. Yet, I take issue with this line of thinking, “In the end, if Trump gets the Republican nomination, I’ll vote for him.” This is a common statement by other conservatives out there, aside from this author, and Mark Levin, probably being the highest profile. I of course, will represent the lowest profile, just an American out in the political wilderness, who will never vote for Trump. How could I, when everything on that comparison list is very, very important to my freedoms? So, the counter argument, is Hillary (or any Democrat) will be worse, which is true. Yet, political poison in small doses (Trump) ultimately is the same as large doses (Hillary) in effectively destroying this country. It is time for conservatives collectively to resist and not follow our esteemed political mentor, Sarah Palin off the rational cliff, or any other respectful “conservative.” Slanderously, those of this opinion, are so-called “purists” but, not so, because as a conservative, it would be perfectly natural to vote for Paul, Rubio, and Carson. Yet, if Trump wins the nomination (very unlikely), count me out.

        1. But you can survive a small dose of poison and live to fight another day and reverse the damage to our country. We already got a large dose with Obama. Another large dose could be fatal. I’ll take the small dose if I have too to fight another day to save liberty.
          As you know,
          “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.
          Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”
          -Dietrich Bonhoeffer
          Not to vote is to act!

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