The Sandbagging of America
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By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


I was wrong. When I first heard that Edward Snowden was exposing the NSA on PRISM, I thought, good… let it all come out. After all the scandals and crap Obama has been getting away with, like most of America, I wanted something to come out. To get some exposure for the bad guys. I was played.

Then I sat down, listened to my gut and thought about it for a bit.

My first inkling that I had it wrong, was when John Bolton came out and called Snowden a traitor and said he was guilty of an act of war. Bolton is someone I admire a great deal. He contended that Snowden had given ‘aid and comfort to the enemy.’ And indeed, he has.

I then had a discussion with my friend Trevor Loudon of New Zeal. He and Cliff Kincaid have looked extensively at Snowden and his connections to the avowed Marxist, Glenn Greenwald. If you will remember, Snowden released his revelations to Greenwald, The Guardian and The Washington Post (both papers are liberal rags). You should know Greenwald, he addressed the International Socialist Organization‘s Socialism 2011 conference in Chicago:

Al-Qaeda hoped a single attack on U.S. soil, very minimal in scope compared to the level of deaths that the United States has been bringing to the world for decades–from Vietnam to illegal wars in Central America–would trigger bankruptcy-inducing policies. Ironically, the only thing that can truly strengthen America’s national security is a weakening of America.

There is a valid argument that Snowden’s betrayal is a case of Chinese espionage. The Russians are also offering asylum. He is backed and supported by Russia Today, Iranian Press TV and by Al Jazeera. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame is also supporting him. George Soros’ Free Press and CODEPINK are right there cheering Snowden on. It’s a who’s who of bad guys on Snowden’s team. But wait, it gets better. Snowden’s story is Swiss cheese for spooks.

Here are a few inconvenient facts on Snowden:

  • The guy is a high school dropout. How did he get a classified position with the NSA?
  • He started out at the NSA as a janitor.
  • He learned Chinese while at the agency.
  • He made a whopping 122k at the NSA (he falsely claimed it was 200k).
  • He claimed he broke both legs while in special forces training. Not exactly… He was at Fort Benning when he broke them, while trying to get into the X-Ray program.
  • Snowden was at the NSA for three months – count em’ and then tell me how he was promoted from janitor to technical analyst. Really? Don’t think so.
  • He was a Ron Paul supporter, but voted twice for Obama.

So, tell me how an obviously progressive liberal decides suddenly to stand up for the Constitution and throw his life away? Sounds like a Marxist feint to me.

He is also a supremely crappy spy. From BlackFive:

WASHINGTON — The source had instructed his media contacts to come to Hong Kong, visit a particular out-of-the-way corner of a certain hotel, and ask — loudly — for directions to another part of the hotel. If all seemed well, the source would walk past holding a Rubik’s Cube.

I would not call that ‘spy tradecraft.’ I would call it stupid.

He is deeply worried about being spied on. He lines the door of his hotel room with pillows to prevent eavesdropping. He puts a large red hood over his head and laptop when entering his passwords to prevent any hidden cameras from detecting them.

Gee, next thing he’ll be making Star Trek YouTubes and line dancing. Oh no… wait… that’s the IRS. Sorry, it’s so hard to keep my alphabet agencies straight these days.

Snowden just out of the blue decided to do the “patriotic thing” and take a powder. Just ask Snowden’s pole dancing girlfriend whom he dumped in Hawaii when he made his revelations:

Snowden claimed he could wiretap anyone (including the President), which is a lie. He used a banned thumb drive to “collect data,” or so he would have us believe:

That claim is “absolutely outrageous,” former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden tells The Daily Beast. Snowden “was not a collector,” and no low-ranking contractor like him would have the authority to access anyone’s phone calls or read anybody’s emails.

Robert Deitz, a former top lawyer at the NSA and CIA, agrees that Snowden’s boast is a “complete and utter” falsehood. “First of all it’s illegal,” he tells the Los Angeles Times. “There is enormous oversight. They have keystroke auditing. There are, from time to time, cases in which some analyst is [angry] at his ex-wife and looks at the wrong thing and he is caught and fired.”

Any software engineer can tell you that keystroke software is dirt common these days as employers try to keep tabs on their employees. You seriously think that Snowden pulled this off without help? He was given this information. Mark my words.

Wonder how much money they paid him to turn on his country? How much does treason pay these days? I believe Obama and company are behind all of this. Remember, Edward is closely connected to an avowed Marxist and within the public/private/secret organizational structures surrounding the hard left groups, it is entirely plausible that he’s simply acting as a red shirt — or is that a red herring? — to grab public sentiment, so it can be turned against the NSA, which would make him a Constitutional traitor, but a loyal foot soldier for the Administration.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t trust the NSA or any other government agency. But we are being suckered here. Obama, in true Alinsky style, has basically destroyed our military, discredited the Secret Service and defanged the CIA. Let me ask you this. If the NSA wouldn’t play ball with the Obama Administration on going after radical Islamists, wouldn’t it be plausible that they would use a tool like Snowden to try and bring them down? Notice how the IRS and FBI are being protected by Obama. Both are following the Dhimmi line of giving Islamists a pass, but ‘get’ those awful Christians and Tea Party folk! Obama is redoing the military and CIA with his chosen cadre to follow his wishes. Next up – the NSA. Sure the NSA needs policing, but they are one of our last defenses in the war against radical Islam and Obama will gut them over this. It is their job to sniff out terrorists here and abroad. Obama is removing another pesky obstacle to radical Islam and Sharia law. I am against violating our Constitutional rights, but tread carefully here. In the name of security, we are about to strip ourselves defenseless. In the name of Constitutional rights, we will chain ourselves to a dictator. Obama’s ultimate goal is to destroy our intelligence agencies and the military. He is close to doing so.

From Cliff Kincaid:

“The Signals Intelligence mission [of the NSA] collects, processes, and disseminates intelligence information from foreign signals for intelligence and counterintelligence purposes and to support military operations,” the NSA’s website says. “This Agency also enables Network Warfare operations to defeat terrorists and their organizations at home and abroad, consistent with U.S. laws and the protection of privacy and civil liberties.”

Notice how this has taken attention off the IRS scandal, the AP scandal and Benghazigate. It’s “oh-look-a-dandelion” folks and we are falling for it, dividing ourselves and fighting over whether this clown is a hero or a traitor. He’s an internal double agent serving the progressive agenda pure and simple.

German political subversion expert Torsten Mann says it best:

The highest art of psychological warfare is to disinform the public not by spreading lies but by spreading a very onesided and sophisticated selection of truths. Currently we are caused to believe that the US was a police state and nobody tells us that the real police states and the real threat to our freedom are Russia and China and their intelligence services. The Russian intelligence services are doing exactly the same surveillance and probably on a much bigger scale, but unfortunately there is no brave journalist disclosing KGB Leaks.

We are witnessing the sandbagging of America and all patriots need to check themselves on this. Snowden is not a hero, he is a traitor and a wannabe spy. He is part of a progressive agenda that is in league with the Chinese and the Russians, as well as radical Islam. The enemies within are remaking us in the image they desire with America on her knees and in chains.

The People’s Cube

Update: Frank Gaffney — Crossing the line on metadata

In From the Cold: In Our Name This is exactly right. It’s exactly how I see it.


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8 thoughts on “The Sandbagging of America

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  2. So you “admire” John Bolton…the man who stormed into a Tallahassee vote-counting facility in 2000 stating, “I’m with the Bush-Cheney team and I’m here to stop the count”. Since when is an election about NOT counting the votes?

    I lost all respect for John Bolton that day. He’s no different from the rest of the power-grabbers in both parties.

  3. The primary point here is NSA’s hiring procedures. I have no problem with someone dropping out of high school and doing well. But government agencies have a requirement that you have a high school degree to be hired. Especially for programmers. As to Chinese, I find it interesting in his brief period there that that is the language he chose to learn.

    If Obama is successful in gutting the NSA as he has done other agencies, he can staff them with his team and the data will be used for his purposes. The data was intended to protect us from terrorists and not be used against Americans, under Obama’s hand it will be used against us and the Jihadists will walk free unencumbered by our laws or oversight. Our Constitutional rights must be protected, but we must also protect ourselves from our enemies.

  4. From the beginning, I wasn’t convinced this guy Snowden was any sort of hero. Just didn’t feel right, so I reserved judgment until more information was available. Putin offering Asylum…hmm? That in itself raises an eyebrow. This could be just another Obama op to transfer sensitive info to his Commie BFF’s in China and Russia.

  5. The capability to loearn Chinese tells you a great deal about the intellectual capability of the man. Whether he graduated from high school or note has little bearing on his capabilities. As I recall Bill Gates didn’t graduate from college. Obama is a Harvard law school graduate. Case closed.

    Snowden may have voted for Obama, Reagan vored for FDR. You must make a stronger case than that. Gee I can’t understand why hostile countries might offer Snowden aslyum, can you?

    But if Snowden were a spy why not just defect and keep a low profile? Further why draw attention to yourself? This is not what one expects. I have seen no evidence that he has revealed anything secret that would compromise national security.

    I do have one observation. We are under hundreds if not thousands of cyber attacks on national security, financial and intelligence networks. Would you therefore divert vital manpower and resources from combating this to spy on hundreds of millions of Americans who are accused of nothing?

    I suggest you rethink what is going on.

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