ChiComs May Detain NSA Leaker Snowden, Pump Him for Information

Chinese authorities are being urged to detain NSA leaker Edward Snowden and pump him for information by a newspaper closely connected to the Communist Party of China.

Whether they do or not, the ChiComs are already getting propaganda mileage out of Snowden.


From the Global Times:

Edward Snowden, the man who blew the whistle on the American National Security Agency’s PRISM project, has claimed that the US has been hacking servers in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong for years. The Chinese diplomatic department should explicitly demand a reasonable explanation from the US government.

Snowden has turned out to be a hot potato, posing a challenge for Beijing. Whether the Chinese government agrees to extradite Snowden back to the US will directly impact their bilateral relationship, which has seen a good start after the Xi-Obama meeting.

But a positive relationship should not prevent Beijing from being dynamic and fact-oriented when dealing with specific conflicts. Snowden’s revelation about US cyber attacks on Hong Kong and mainland networks is closely related to Chinese national interests. The Chinese government should acquire more solid information from Snowden if he has it, and use it as evidence to negotiate with the US.

Such acts will not harm the Sino-American relationship, as one can assume that the US would do the same to China. This proves the flexibility of their bilateral relationship.

Snowden is a political offender against the US, but what he is doing benefits the world. His actions test, rather than disturb, the bilateral ties.

Public opinion will turn against China’s central government and the Hong Kong SAR government if they choose to send him back.

Snowden’s exposure has upgraded our understanding of cyberspace, especially cyber attacks from the US, which is probably a much sharper weapon than its traditional military force. This weapon has demonstrated the US’ hypocrisy and arrogance. Besides Snowden’s disclosure, it is still unknown what else the US, a country which once condemned China for cyber attacks, has done to China.

The US is accumulating all the advanced powers of the Internet to forge a state-level “fist” in order to launch cyber attacks on other countries. The unparalleled power of this “fist” is beyond our imagination, which should be an alarm bell for us to catch up with the development of the Internet. Our focus should be fixed on grasping the core technology of the Internet industry in the future.

Despite the foolishness (or worse) of what Snowden has done, I’ll actually feel sorry for him if the ChiComs do get their hooks into him.


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11 thoughts on “ChiComs May Detain NSA Leaker Snowden, Pump Him for Information

  1. Snowden is considered by some to be a hero and by others, a villain. What he definitely is right now is a criminal. I just hope that he enjoys his civil liberties in one of his new countries, China or Russia. After they completely debrief him, and they will, I can see him becoming disenchanted with his new homeland. At that point he will start running his mouth there and probably put in a bag and shot out of a torpedo tube close to the US Coast.

  2. When you combine the IRS, NSA and HHS, targeting Obama’s detractors and opponents, he effectively has his desired ‘Civilian Security Force’ – all his devotees, who fervently believe his opposition is the enemy. It goes way beyond unsealing private divorce records. handing that Chicago machine the keys to unlock every sealed record of those they target was a huge mistake by the American people.

    It’s quite likely Snowden saw what was going on, and, he became that one rare person – the runner who throws the sledgehammer at the big screen in Apple’s Orwellian ad.

    It doesn’t matter if you have the Harvard education (look what that’s gotten us) or John Kerry’s billions, that simple act of morality and defiance comes from the humblest of beginnings and reaffirms our birthright as Americans.

    Obama’s onslaught against those ‘God0given’ rights must end. But it won’t unless we understand, appreciate and stand with Snowden’s simple act of defiance.

    Don’t let this sink beneath the waves. Don’t be swayed by articles denigrating him on superficial grounds (status and education), it’s all about destroying him now.

    He’s given Americans a chance. Take it. Or perish. The future belongs to those who BELIEVE.

  3. I don’t like what he did. I don’t like the way it was done. He could have done this in a way that did not compromise our national security and took it to a communist nation. It makes me question his motives.

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