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Obama CPUSAWhat if the “former” Soviet Union had “talent spotted” a young radical named Barack Obama? What if the Soviets/Russia had used their minions in the Communist Party USA and the Democratic Party, to smooth Obama’s career path? What if America’s greatest enemy had made America’s worst ever President?

If that had indeed happened, would President Obama be doing anything differently than he is doing today?

To explore Obama’s Communist/Soviet ties, read through our relevant pages.

Check out our page on Barack Obama’s Communist Party USA ties.

Check out Obama’s Communist Party mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a man with a 600 page FBI file. A man once suspected of carrying out military espionage for the Soviet Union.

Check out our page on Alice Palmer, Obama’s employer and political mentor in Chicago. Did you know that Palmer was a leading official in a major Soviet front and involved in another? That she traveled several times to the Eastern Bloc for meetings with high ranking Government officials? Did you know she ran for several years, a pro-Soviet propaganda operation out of Chicago targeting America’s black population?

Check out our page on key Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, the most powerful woman in America. Did you know that her father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, was a communist who worked closely with Frank Marshall Davis in Chicago?

Check out our page on David Axelrod, the man who twice got Barack Obama elected. Did you know, that his mentor, David Canter was a Soviet-raised Communist Party member? That he was paid by the Soviets to distribute Soviet propaganda all over America? That he was required by the U.S. Government to formally register as an agent of the Soviet Union?

Check out Obama’s “Science Czar,” John Holdren‘s Soviet connections.

What about Obama’s former head of the CIA and Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta? Did you know that he was close friends with a secret Communist Party member/Democrat Congressman, named Hugh DeLacy? A man with ties to at least three “former” Soviet spies, Solomon Adler, Frank Coe and John S. Service.

The Soviets have planted their people in top leadership positions in many countries in the past. Surely the United States would be the most tempting target of all.

Check out the blue links if you want to understand Obama’s red links.

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Trevor Loudon is the author of “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within,” an oft referenced work that blew the lid off the President’s extensive Marxist background. He is also the Editor of this blog and of, an online encyclopedia exposing the covert side of U.S. politics.


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11 thoughts on “Follow KeyWiki to Obama’s Communist/Soviet Ties

  1. If they are capable of putting in a Manchurian president, they are capable of funding the spark that caused 9/11. They knew too well how they were defeated by being bogged down in Afghanistan, and they could do the same to us, they would see the downfall of the United States. The thing is, if it were not for the Communists/Democrats handicapping the military, I think we could have completed the objective. This is without, of course the corruption on both sides that sapped the life out of our objective for being there in the first place.

  2. We continue to hear bad about Obama’s past, but no one (not even Donald Trump) can provide anything that we can all hope for.

    Saw an old Vietnam vet (65) walking down Hwy 60 today into Phoenix & he’s doing a walk across America holding the American flag for “Support the U.S. Constitution”. Cool!! Old vet still in the trenches for our freedoms.

    I gave him a few bucks, but he needs more since he’s passing out pamphlets w/U.S. Constitution. It’s amazing the old vet is walking from San Diego to D.C. If there is one worthy cause now he’s the one who is actually doing something.

  3. I must take issue with the premises that:

    1. USSR is not and never was a Communist nation, it was at best or worst a Feudal Society.

    2. Obama is not a Marxist. Both his policies and his economics are Neo Left Liberal Fascist.

    3. While his staff may spew Marx they all enact Fascist ideology. Which I think he really wants. However, unlike a true believer in Fascist Ideology he wants to be a KING. Making him very hard to pin down.

    4. Some of this noise on Obama is about a neophyte being elected President. The idea that he was smart was an illusion. The public is having a very hard time understanding that they have made a huge mistake. In January I said he would leave office in disgrace.

    5. I think if we focus on the real political defalcations he has made, it is clear that his whole being is one big cover up.

    6. Obama will be the foil to allow a 2016 choice between JEB Bush and Evan Bayh. The grand global money cabal wins again .. meet the new boss same as the old boss.

  4. Very good article but again your scared to print all the truth why is that are you comfortable in your life style well if so soon your life will change and then God will ask you why did you not print the whole truth of my enemy’s I one item I wish the sheeple would stop writing about how great Putin is so holy so against the rothschilds and the others this poor soul is one of the boys ask your self where is the billions of funds he has which bank thst some say is not rothschilds which has putins funds in and his side kick the holy of holy head of the Russian KGB or fbs church see if he is wesring his thirty thousand dollar watch that God let be known he hides along with his large wealth so many pay attention except the true faith so sad no true charity which first is to be with God to know him love him with great full affection you ignorant ones love not truth but gossip which is mostly false

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