The Real National Scandal: Putin’s Letter to Obama

Appalling as the Benghazi, AP and IRS scandals are, this dwarfs them all.

This puts U.S. national survival and hundreds of millions of lives at stake.


From Russia Today:

The head of Russia’s National Security Council has arrived in the US on a two-day visit for top-level talks on key stumbling blocks in bilateral relations. He will also deliver President Putin’s response to a letter President Obama sent in April.

Putin aide Yury Ushakov confirmed on Tuesday that Patrushev is carrying the presidential letter and is scheduled to meet Obama.

Among the US officials Nikolay Patrushev will meet during his trip is National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon, who brought Obama’s letter during his visit to Moscow last month. The content of the letter was never made public, but Russian officials said it was very constructive and listed several proposals for building cooperation between Washington and Moscow.

“Ideas covering some of the directions have new elements, which our country will study carefully and respond to accordingly,” Ushakov said while describing the letter’s contents.

Washington reportedly suggested drawing attention away from frustrating issues in Russian-US relations, such as Russia’s human rights record and the controversial Magnitsky Act, which the US adopted in response to alleged human rights violations.

Instead, the two nations would focus on strategic issues such as counter-terrorism cooperation, the conflict over NATO’s anti-ballistic missile system in Europe, and nuclear disarmament. It was indicated that several groundbreaking agreements may come from the letter, likely including a legally binding agreement that would make the ABM shield in Europe transparent to Russia, assuring that its nuclear deterrence is not compromised.

Patrushev himself said that he had “no pessimism” about his trip to the US.

America’s worst ever President, a man with extensive pro-Moscow communist connections, doing secret deals involving U.S. national security with a life long KGB operative.

Right in front of our noses folks.


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10 thoughts on “The Real National Scandal: Putin’s Letter to Obama

  1. Open Mic Treason Night? Obama’s Secret Message to Russian President Medvedev
    “This is my last election. After my election I’ll have more flexibility.”

  2. I posted this quite a while back, is still an appropriate post. And entitled A “Obama’s Pact With Devils”

    By Jerome Ennis:

    With the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the U.S. presidency, every leftist and subversive kook fringe in America came out in the open with their subversive views and behavior.

    The Obama election was a green light to the United States of… America’s Domestic Enemies within our own borders and it was also a Green Light to Our Foreign Enemies, Especially in Islamic Countries, that The Radical Muslims Had A Green Light to Overthrow Their Quasi-Democratically Elected Governments and Replace Them With Radical Islamic Law of the Ayatollahs and other Murderous Imams who practice Strict Sharia Laws of The Koran, and that the USA would not lift a hand to defend our allies, and would in fact, arm the revolutionaries.

    The recent Meetings by Obama with China, India, The Russians coupled with Obama’s Earlier Apology Tour To Europe, Africa and The Middle East was a Deal Making Session whereby Obama was Assuring The Egyptian Radicals and Radicals in All Muslim States that they Could Go Ahead and Riot and Overthrow Their Duly Elected Governments and Replace them with Radical Islam and that The USA would not intervene. And, Obama likely has a pact with Russia, China and India that they too, will not intervene. The New USA Agreements with our Enemies is Akin to the so-called Non-Aggression Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939 where the Fascist Nazis of Germany Made a Deal with the Totalitarian Communists not to interfere with one anothers’ aims of Expansionism of Their Respective Empires. And, this Deadly Pact Lead Up To WWII.

    (NOTE: since I first penned this last year, Obama took Direct Orders from the UN and NATO and attacked Libya by air and supplied intelligence and weapons on the ground for that country to be overthrown, and he totally side tracked the Constitution and bypassed Congress altogether, and got away with, and basically had Leon Panetta tell the U.S. Congress that Obama could do whatever he damned well pleased, and would, if chose to, at least advise them, AFTER THE FACT about his decision, and he believes it is OKAY to do this with orders from the UN and NATO.—This is the First Test of the now and what they found out was, they can get by with it. We no longer have a Representative Constitutional Republic. The New World Order has arrived, and our Congress and Media are not protesting a bit, which should make it obvious is that our Congress is Part of the OWO conspiracy, and it has already been ushered in. And, our own government now is totally FASCISTIC and will enforce any sanctions and destroy anybody in our own government or citizenry who dares to oppose them or criticize them openly.)

    Obama’s Dirty Back Room Deals with our enemies is the reason for this uprising, and you will see these revolutions popping up all over. Not only in the Middle East and Africa but in Central and South America and In Eastern Europe as well.

    NOTE: Obama’s recent trip to Columbia, SC where he also entered us into another Dirty Deal with that criminal enterprise, AKA a government. In the meantime, he continues to not Enforce Illegal Immigration Laws in order to allow as many Anti-American Invaders to invade our country as possible so that when the time is ready, they have a standing Army of Non-Americans already in place. Most of central and south America have been in revolutions for decades and now these revolutionaries move freely about us in the USA and nothing is done, except the Obama Regime sues Arizona, Alabama and any other state if they dare oppose him or to make and enforce their own laws in a responsible manner, while Black Panther and other Terrorist-Criminal Organizations are allowed to threaten and intimidate voters and to put out Death Threats and Bounties while advocating Blood In the Streets of America, and Obama does not lift a finger or say a word. REASON being, he and his regime are behind these Street Gangs, Thugs, Occupy Wall Street, and all the other Radical movements now happening in the United States of America.

    Obama has Entered The USA into Deals With DEVILS, and Most Importantly The Devils of Radical Islam and with The Equally Radical, Chinese Communism.

    Wake Up America, we have an Anti-American and Anti-Western Civilization President Occupying the White House and he is Making Deals With Devils.

  3. Didn’t Obama say he would have “more flexibility” after the election?
    Guess he was right.

  4. The subversion process is almost complete.

    The Russian use of Islamic terror will aide in accelerating relations with the two countries and the further clamping down of our liberties.

    While we fund the Muslim Brotherhood (a Soviet front group) to the tune of billions of dollars to buy the latest weapons, this same government is trying to disarm those who are fitting the bill. Reflect on that for a moment.

    This government is arming terrorist groups with high tech weapons at tax payers expense while these same officials are demanding that we turn in our guns as they empty the prisons and leave the borders wide open.

    Talk about a reality upside down?

  5. Mr Obama is doing everything he can without any help or obstruction of goverment to set up America for a complete takeover/grinding down of life as we have known it. Dead americans are just bumps in the road to him.

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