3 thoughts on “Occupy Philadelphia-What They Won’t Show In Prime Time

  1. I’ve been poor my entire 60 years of life, and I’ve never been jealous of others who have had more than I. I’ve always worked full time, & when I couldn’t find a job in my profession (bookkeeping/secretarial), I’ve taken maid cleaning jobs, as an aide in nursing homes, sales jobs, & waitressing, you name it, I’ve done it. I never relied on “government help” and I always managed to find a job in my small town to support my family. I am a proud American.

    So I see these people as:
    ** mostly unemployed..if they had jobs,they wouldn’t be protesting
    ** people with anger issues
    ** people who are not willing to do what it takes to get a job
    ** uneducated people..get an education and shut TFUP
    ** obnoxious people that I wouldn’t care to know
    ** more than likely most have an “abuse” problem (alchol/drugs)
    ** people who wouldn’t take lower paying jobs because THEY WANT MORE
    ** people who are LIBERAL
    ** people who voted for democrats and Obama
    ** some who want hand outs
    ** people who demand more than what they deserve
    ** people who don’t care about others property (trash left)
    ** people who are not true Americans
    ** people who are not altruistic
    The list goes on and on. These are not the true Americans that what our country stands for. If they were, they would be taking every opportunity to get the heck out of any bad situation they are in and do something about it besides showing communistic signs and acting like socialists. These people have no “true” guts, only guts to act out.

    They are a joke and they don’t realize it. Low I.Q. problem people.
    Ask them is they would mow lawns, wash dishes, cook, clean, dump sewer, pick crops, work in a sweat shop, or any other low paying job and you know their answer would be a loud NO! They would rather the rich give them their HARD WORKING EARNINGS, rather than support their families in any way they could.

    These kind of people are what American’s need to fear. These are the products of Socialism. Let them go live in Cuba and protest there. I’ll pay for shipping by the pound.

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