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The Occupiers’ Siren Song

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton NY Daily News Occupy Wall Street is a movement that has been planned and executed by Marxists in America. There may…

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Egyptian Marxist Revs Up “Occupy Wall Street” Zombies

Georgetown University based Egyptian Marxist Mohammed Ezzeldin revs up the revolutionaries of “Occupy Wall Street.”

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Socialist Trumka Backs Wall Street Protesters

Democratic Socialists of America aligned AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumka, backs the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

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Occupy Atlanta Silences Socialist Rep. John Lewis

This is cultish and sick. Occupy Atlanta protesters demonstrate North Korea like group think as they reject a speaking slot for socialist Georgia congressman John…

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Russians and George Soros Support Wall Street Protesters

Moscow funded propaganda channel Russia Today continues to back US revolutionaries. Socialist supporting financier George Soros expresses sympathy for their cause. Surprise, surprise!

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Bolt on “Climate Change”

Australian journalist Andrew Bolt questions a panel of scientists over government claims of man-made climate change. Thanks to Rosie.

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Please, Please GOP – Anyone But Mitt! (Except For Newt That Is)

When America’s future is hanging by a thread, when the constitutional conservative movement has never been stronger… why in God’s name would the GOP be…

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