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If This Were An Actual Test…

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton On November 9th, at 2 pm EST, the government will seize the airwaves in America for 3 1/2 minutes to officially…

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GBTV – Glenn Beck – Communism Kills

NoisyRoom Read more at The 912 Project… Communism kills

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Anti-US “Russia Today” Continues to Support and Encourage “Occupy” Movement

Moscow funded, anti-US propaganda station Russia Today continues to support and encourage the communist/anarchist led ‘Occcupy” movement. Imagine the Kremlin’s reaction if a US station…

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The Soros Conference

Cross-posted from Grand Old Partisan: The insidious influence of George Soros was the theme of an event hosted by Cliff Kincaid, yesterday at the National…

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Halloween Burka

Pat Condell tell it like it is for Halloween.

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