ACORN for Illegal Aliens – Meet the Southwest Key Programs

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Are you curious who has been facilitating the transport of illegal alien children throughout the country? Look no more… meet La Raza connected Southwest Key Programs. This organization is the pipeline for the children into US refugee camps and homes across the nation. They provide immigrant youth shelters. It is a well-oiled machine that was set up to educate and reintegrate youth into American society. They also provide training for jobs. And baby, they are hiring.

Southwest Key Programs is funded by government and state programs. Here is an overview of what they do:

Southwest Key Programs is a national nonprofit organization providing transformative education, innovative safe shelters and alternatives to incarceration for over 200,000 youth and their families annually, while creating opportunities for their families to become self-sufficient. The inspiring youth and parents we work with are seeking the American dream: equality, education, and a higher quality of life. At Southwest Key, we simply open the doors to opportunity so they can achieve these dreams.

Southwest Key Programs ranks 5th among the Top Hispanic Nonprofits in America, employing a creative and diverse staff of over 2,200 employees. Because of Southwest Key’s work, thousands of youth have been diverted from prisons, jails, and institutions, enabling them to stay at home with their families and out of trouble. Southwest Key has reunified thousands of immigrant children with their families and provided these unaccompanied minors with 24-hour care and education. Southwest Key is one of only three nonprofits in Austin to be accredited by the Council on Accreditation, the nation’s leading human service accrediting body.

From the start, a cornerstone of all of our programs has been culturally-relevant education. Since 1999 we have refined our model by operating leading alternative schools throughout Texas, preventing hundreds of youth from dropping out of school by providing them with individualized education in a therapeutic setting. In 2009, East Austin College Prep opened at Southwest Key’s El Centro de Familia campus.

Over $8 million went into building their facility for this. This business was founded in 1987 and was made-to-order for Obama’s manufactured chaos on the border. Fast facts on Southwest Key Programs:

  • Founded: 1987
  • Legal Status: Nonprofit, charitable 501(c)(3) Social Service, Education and Community Development Organization
  • Staff: Over 2,200 nationwide
  • Programs: Southwest Key operates 68 juvenile justice and family programs, safe shelters for immigrant children, schools, and community building initiatives
  • Number Served: Over 200,000 kids and their families annually
  • Headquarters: Austin, Texas
  • Locations: Texas, California, New York, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin
  • FY 20013-14 Budget: $150 million
  • Funding: Grants and contracts by U.S. federal, state, and local government, foundations, and corporations; special events; private contributions
  • Social Enterprises: Southwest Key Enterprises, Southwest Key Cafe del Sol, Southwest Key Maintenance, Southwest Key Green Energy & Construction, Southwest Key Workforce Development, The Blooming Florist, Southwest Key Youth, Family, & Transportation LLC

Their specialty is reunifying illegal minors with their families. They are the underground railroad for the American invasion from the South. They are nationalistic in their connections and leadership. Heavily connected to the La Raza Roundtable, don’t be fooled by the charitable facade. This is a radical breeding ground. They are militant, Latino community organizers.

Here are their Board of Directors:

  • Victor Garza
    Board Chair, July 2004 to Present
    Retired Veterans Services
    Chair, La Raza Roundtable
    Resident of Fresno, California
  • Orlando Martinez
    Board Vice Chair, March 2007 to Present
    Founder and Senior Partner of Martinez Tjaden, LLP
    Former Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice
    Former Director of Colorado’s Department of Youth Service
    Resident of Atlanta, Georgia
  • Anselmo Villarreal
    Board Treasurer, February 2012 to Present
    CEO, La Casa de Esperanza
    Resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Rosa Santis
    Board Secretary, February 2011 to Present
    President and CEO, Pedro SS Services, Inc. in East Austin
    Resident of Austin, Texas
  • David Marshall, Jr.
    Board Member, March 2014 to Present
    Management Consultant, ICF International
    National Board Member, Princeton Prize in Race Relations
    Former President of the LBJ School of Public Affairs Alumni Association
    Former Admission Officer and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment, Princeton University
    Resident of Washington, DC
  • Elizabeth S. Gonzales, CLTC
    Board Member, April 2011 to Present
    New York Life, Insurance Agent, New York Life Insurance Co
    Resident of Austin, Texas

The Leadership of Southwest Key Programs:

  • Dr. Juan Sanchez
    El Presidente/CEO and Founder
    Founded Southwest Key in 1987
  • Joella L. Brooks
    Chief Operations Officer
    Joined the Southwest Key Familia in 1990
  • Melody Chung
    Chief Financial Officer
    Joined the Southwest Key Familia in 1998
  • Roque Barros
    VP or Community Impact
    Joined the Southwest Key Familia in 2013
  • Veronica Delgado-Savage
    Vice President, Youth Justice Programs
    Joined the Southwest Key Familia in 1996
  • Alexia Rodriguez
    Vice President, Immigrant Youth Services/Legal Counsel
    Joined the Southwest Key Familia in 2003
  • Rachel Luna
    General Counsel
    Joined the Southwest Key Familia in 2006
  • Jennifer Nelson
    Vice President, Community Engagement
    Joined the Southwest Key Familia in 2000
  • Dr. Joe Gonzales
    Superintendent, East Austin College Prep
    Joined the Familia in 2011

They are connected to the Office of Refugee Resettlement:

About Unaccompanied Children’s Services

“Following the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) mission, which is founded on the belief that new arriving populations have inherent capabilities when given opportunities, ORR/ Division of Children Services/Unaccompanied Alien Children program provides unaccompanied alien children (UAC) with a safe and appropriate environment as well as client-focused highest quality of care to maximize the UAC’s opportunities for success both while in care, and upon discharge from the program to sponsors in the U.S. or return to home country, to assist them in becoming integrated members of our GLOBAL SOCIETY.”

It is to laugh. If their intent was the highest quality of care and safety, they have failed already and spectacularly. Their real goal is the GLOBAL SOCIETY.

As an aside, here is a map where illegal alien children are currently being housed. Thank you Weasel Zippers. I would imagine that Southwest Key Programs will transport children from these facilities to put them either with their families that are here legally or illegally, or house them in homes until their family is brought over. We are talking 10’s of millions being brought in and this organization will not only facilitate an invasion force, they will get wealthy doing it from government and state funds. I understand that Texas alone has given them over $150,000 in state monies.

For example, they are creating jobs for housing illegal immigrants. In Tucson alone there are 200 openings for jobs to assist with the sheltering of illegal immigrant children. This organization is taking old nursing homes and other buildings and converting them to house thousands of children. They make no mention of medical care or gangs – just shelter, safety and culture – their culture, not America’s.

There is massive push back on this as well. In Escondido, CA, the residents rejected these shelters wholeheartedly. As Daniel Greenfield of Sultan Knish rightly states, “This is what revolution looks like.”

Protesters in Murrieta, California, blocking and turning away buses of illegal immigrants

Murrieta, CA is not just pushing back, they’re telling the feds to shove it:

A crowd of 200 to 300 people in downtown Murrieta surrounded three Homeland Security buses carrying illegal alien detainees waving large American flags and holding signs that opposed higher taxes and “new illegals” — waited in the hot sun all day for the three charter buses to arrive.

Waving Americans flags and protest signs, the crowd refused to give way when the buses arrived with some 140 detainees from Texas, which has seen a flood of Central American illegal aliens cross the border.

Protesters chanted “USA!” “Impeach Obama!” and “Deport, Deport!”

They turned buses back and they will be the first of many communities to do so. There are militias from California and Texas joining forces to turn illegals back. There has been talk of calling the National Guard out to the border in Arizona and Texas. The border is in meltdown.

Sultan Knish also asks: “Are the Anti-Illegal Amnesty Protests the New Tea Party?

The Murrieta protest strongly reminded me of what the Tea Party used to do when it came to ObamaCare. A small number of ordinary people used social media to get the word out and organize protests.

The media denounced them. The politicians denounced them. But in the end they helped turned the tide of public opinion.

The situation is similar to, but also worse than ObamaCare, because there is no establishment opposition at all. The only real opposition is coming from ordinary people who are fed up.

Sultan Knish absolutely nails it – we are fed up.

Obama is also fundraising with a racist Mexican Director who actively promoted the murder of opponents of illegal immigration. Nifty, huh? But Obama couldn’t be bothered to actually go to the US/Mexican border. He would never sully himself with the masses. He has Communist minions for that, don’t ya know.

So, while Southwest Key Programs claims to be ‘for the children,’ remember what is really going on here. The redistribution of wealth, the invasion and eradication of America’s borders and the destruction of our Republic. It’s community organizing from hell and is spurring a revolt. Remember, it’s not fascism when they do it. Southwest Key Programs is ACORN for illegal aliens and they are the handmaidens of Obama’s ‘transformation’ of America.

Video Reveals Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Arriving At Border, Getting Free Bus Tickets Into US


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27 thoughts on “ACORN for Illegal Aliens – Meet the Southwest Key Programs

  1. This is a federally funded child smuggling operation. Excuse me, but do we have an FBI anymore? Where are those who still believe in the law in Washington, D.C.? This needs to be stopped. I am not paying taxes for illegal child smuggling operations, claiming to be for children in need.

  2. the “illegals” are not at fault. They are trying to escape starvation. We need a better world economy that supports humanity. Most of Humanity starves, half live on less than 2.50 US dollars a day. We have to think in broader terms than division. No human being, no child, deserves the world being forced upon everyone by deliberate deprivation and poverty. Poverty is deliberate. Keeping Humanity squabbling over crumbs in a war gutted economy is a divide and conquer strategy. People up in arms about “illegals” are buying into this anti human dividing, lock, stock, and barrel. Instead of facing the fact that they are being manipulated by hateful forces, they would rather hate the “enemy” provided for them to hate, playing into the manipulative scheme perfectly. I don’t expect this letter to be published, but if it is I expect a lot of vitriol from hate manipulated victims. May we learn goodness and mercy towards our fellow human beings before we all are enslaved to hateful evil.

    1. As with most do-gooders, you don’t account for the law of unintended consequences: namely, the fact that bringing us down won’t help those with less come up. If you don’t have borders, you don’t have a viable country, laws, or culture. If you want to help, go to the source (their country) and change their culture, customs, and politics (the number 1 reason for starvation).

    2. Joe,
      We are the United States of America. Our obligation is to our citizens, not other countries citizens. Their leaders do extremely well, while their people suffer. We can’t take care of their citizens, they and their countries have to. America has helped millions of people throughout the world, but we can’t allow an invasion of our country, or we will not survive. If you want them here, you personally need to find a way to pay for it.

      There’s been poor and sick since the beginning of time, and that will never change. You don’t let your own country be destroyed by importing more poverty. We don’t have the money. Do you? If you do, pay for it. You’re asking others to pay for it, who have their own families to take care of. This is reality, it’s not a fantasy of how you would like the world to be. We’d all like no poverty, or war, or being able to skip around through daisies everyday. That isn’t real life.

      No one is stopping you. Write continuous checks if you have the means. I don’t see Mark Zuckerberg, who’s a big amnesty pusher offering housing or money. Where is he? By the way, he has a fence around his home. Why? Isn’t he for open borders? Why not let them invade his home? The same with Gates. Laying off American workers, while he’s pushing this fantasy of his. He created a product, and all of a sudden, he’s can cure all the world’s ills? He created a product, it doesn’t mean he’s all knowing about life or anything else. Sheldon Adelson? Where is he? He isn’t offering to pay for this? He’s worth millions. Cough it up. He’s pushing for amnesty. I’ll be he has a fence or lives in a gated community too. Take down the fence Sheldon. Let them invade your home, eat your food, sleep in your bed. Do it!

      This is not the responsibility of hardworking Americans to pay for this. The Federal Govt. basically has one responsibility, protect the nation, and they’re failing miserably. We may have to do it ourselves, if they don’t do their job soon.

  3. Thank you for the hard work in putting this together. It’s so easy to control the masses – almost comical. When the Black-White-Hispanic card failed, when the Left-Right, Male-Female, Dem-Rep cards all lose their ability to trump because we’re all starting to see the globalists for what they are and who they are, then they need a new strategy to bring about their goals. I would love for someone to paint a picture of the ideal NWO. For example, 1984 was an open communication from an elite intellectual to other elites. The masses were free to read it; that just added a sick sense of humor – what are those bitches going to do to stop it? What exactly does the 2024 picture look like? Clearly Amerika has to be utterly destroyed or transformed into a sort of mirror of China, yes? Very low wages or low cost of labor. THe dollar will be on a par with the peso so we can trade on a depreciated world stage. The control-grid will be uniquitous in its many forms. All of this to say, right now we are entering the harder phases of their plans – the destruction of the dollar, global lenders calling in their debts in exchange for hard national assets, and the solution will be the N.A. Union. We will be like the strong German nation vs the bankrupt Cyprus. Eventually the NWO will want all nations (nationalism) destroyed so that they can be governed by corporate trade compacts. And who runs those corporations? The bankers? No, banks/bankers still just hold other people’s money and do the bidding with those investments. It’s back to an aristocracy that thinks this time they can shield themselves by layers and layers of deception and facades.

  4. The author of this piece,Mr. Loudon, is quite right. I don’t know how many times I’ve informed people who are against illegal immigration, that they and all U.S. citizens are actually paying taxes that go to racist groups like La Raza. Americans have got to stop being so frickin naive, or they will wind up second class citizens in their own nation.

  5. The world is changing because the elite scum who control the world are changing things for you. These events are not natural. The destruction of America is not natural. The hordes of illegals coming into our nation does not have to happen. We do not have a government, we have been taking over by international bankers, criminals, secret society scum devils and the rest of Satan’s puppets. The time will come soon where we either stand up or perish…very soon now.

    1. No it is not by accident. It’s treasonous, and darn it, we are going to pursue it when we can. At the very least, every stinking, politician, in that stinking, rotting, corpse called D.C. needs to have their pensions revoked. They need to pay restitution for the damage they’ve done. Some of them should be put on trial and executed for the damage. This has the potential to do more damage than a terror attack.

      Actually, in my opinion it is a terror attack. What a perfect place to do it. Usurp the White House, place them in every agency, and who needs bombs or planes. Perfect.

      I pray, God grants us the ability in the future to try them all, and punish them according to our laws. I think treason is execution.

      This is an act of terrorism. Hear that, Harry Reid? You’re a domestic terrorist, along with Soetoro, the fake president, and the rest, including many in the GOP. TRAITORS ALL OF THEM! WE’RE STILL AMERICA, AND OUR CONSTITUTION AND LAWS ON THE BOOKS, ARE

  6. It’s too late. It’s over, folks. Just as our ancestors, the European Settlers, back in the 17 and 1800’s, rushed West across the lands we now call “America”, so to will those “aliens”, come in from the South, and cover the same lands. Imagine if the Native Americans had access to the internet back in the 1600’s, their comments would be identical to the ones we see here.

    The world is changing, and in some cases, more than anyone here can imagine. Habla espanol?

        1. Citizen, your are the idiot. Denise said “Yes (in answer to EA’s “Speak Spanish?”)followed by, “My house is NOT your house!”
          Anyone who took high school Spanish knows that. Oh, I took French because I lived in CA and REFUSED to learn “Spanish” because I did not want to speak to the mexis.

  7. Why is anyone else complaining? I heard about this last night from a pharmacy employee whose company aids in disasters and was told that the rumors we are hearing about the need for emergency supplies at the border is false as they are now well taken care of by this agency. What is truly despicable, the leftist news is at it again and even the conservative stations have not done any true investigation other than this refreshing article.

  8. these people on this list must be rounded up and deported to Mexico or where ever this scum came from along with all illegal aliens, their homes and everything they own stays behind. they must be deported. these are internal enemies which the democratic party including rhino republicrats have been funding with our tax dollars as well as the rich elite like gates, soros , etc. they to must be rounded and hanged for treason..

  9. Governors of the several United States: We the People are fresh out of something for nothing. We are also fed up with the federal government being completely disconnected from Us. The Federal government makes laws and puts it on the state and local governments as well as the working class to flip the bill. We are already overwhelmed in our communities and overtaxed wallets. Please forward all illegal immigrants to the white house lawn and capital building steps. We The People aren’t asking you, we’re telling you. Learn to listen before it’s too late.


  11. This is how ISIS and ISIL will come in and cause terror strikes from within. MERS and H1N1 as well as HIV will brought in too. ME as a Canadian I still have trouble crossing into the US.

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