Cuban Official: Snowden Revelations May Lead to Neutering of US Intelligence Services

A senior servant of Cuba’s communist regime has commented on the NSA leaks/Snowden case.


Professor Carlos Alzugaray Treto believes that Edward Snowden‘s revelations may lead to a neutering of US intelligence services – which of course would be greatly to the advantage of Cuba and other anti-US powers.

Alzugaray takes full propaganda advantage of Snowden’s revelations to take attention off his own country’s appalling human rights record and to paint the US as somehow morally inferior to the communist dictatorship. He also throw’s in the old Cuban propaganda chestnuts about the dangers of the “military-industrial complex” and the big nasty gringos bullying little Latin American countries.

Alzugaray compares Snowden to two other well known leakers: WikiLeaks informant Bradley Manning and notorious leftist Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers (and Progressives for Obama and fame.

From the Cuban Communist paper Granma:

Revelations made by former CIA analyst Edward Snowden have opened a Pandora’s box and created an international scandal which could easily continue for some time…(if the Cuban’s have their way, it will: Ed)

Speaking with Granma, Cuban professor Alzugaray commented on offers of asylum made to Snowden by Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, saying that no other region in the world is in a better position to take such a stance vis-à-vis the United States. Latin America and the Caribbean, he emphasized, have been a primary target of U.S. intelligence operations and have suffered first hand the consequences of this policy for some time. Although Snowden’s revelations surprised no one, denouncing such espionage is a way of letting the U.S. know that it cannot act with impunity in the region.

The professor pointed out that the Snowden case has brought attention to the expansion of ‘national security’ operations both within the U.S. and internationally…

The 29-year-old technician who leaked details of the government’s secret surveillance of telephone calls and internet messages is for Dr. Alzugaray “a time bomb that could explode at any moment and oblige the administration and Congress to review and reduce the autonomy of these intelligence organizations, from Homeland Security to the NSA, the CIA, the FBI and others”.

Snowden is not, however, the only concern. The list includes Bradley Manning, the soldier who sent Wikileaks thousands of diplomatic e-mails and other documents about the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, who is currently being prosecuted in military court.

U.S: spying around the world is nothing new…He commented that the Snowden case appears very similar to that of Daniel Ellsberg who revealed the Pentagon Papers in the 1970’s, “Ellsberg himself commented to the Washington Post that the U.S. is not the same as it was in his time and that Snowden’s flight was totally legitimate. It is no surprise that many governments and progressive political forces are sympathetic to the young man and are wiling to offer him asylum.”

Carlos Alzugaray is a Cuban expert in global issues and professor at the Center for Hemispheric and United States Studies and the University of Havana.

From 1980 to 2007, Professor Alzugaray was on the faculty of the Raul Roa Garcia Advanced Institute for International Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs training and research center/spy school.

He spent 35 years (1961-1996) as a Foreign Service Officer, being posted at Cuban diplomatic and consular missions since 1961.

Alzugaray was posted to Japan, Bulgaria, Argentina, Canada, Ethiopia and Belgium, where he was Ambassador and Head of the Cuban Mission to the European Union.

At the Foreign Ministry, he has been Department Head, Deputy Director and Adviser to the Foreign Minister on Global Political Affairs.


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