2 thoughts on “Van Jones at Occupy Wall St.

  1. Pretty sad these usefull idiots have the gumption to get up and protest, but dont take the initiative to know why they have been basicly rounded up! or just as important who is behind it! when you discover your own government is basicly one of the major forces pushing you fools into the streets, I HOPE YOU AT LEAST HAVE THE COMMON SENSE TO BE SCARED!

  2. So Wall Street didn’t gain their profits the old fashioned way “by earning it”? Now, we learn they stole it. This rhetoric says more about the ideology of the shouters than it does about Wall Street or anyone else who works hard, invests time and money, and enjoys the benefits of our free enterprise system.

    And, I really haven’t noticed that the Occupiers of Wall Street are giving anything. Instead, they are demanding! Demanding that others give – give what they have earned [oops, I mean stole :-)].

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