13 thoughts on “Occupy Wall St. women arrested for asking not to be manhandled by police

  1. The classic comment here is Ron’s – apparently communist regimes which brutalise protesters are evil, but when capitalist regimes do exactly the same thing it’s something to celebrate.

    Have you folks heard of the confirmation bias? You have no evidence that any of these people have done anything but gather in protest, which is not illegal, nor should it be. You have no evidence that they are unemployed, or if so, that it is by choice. You have no evidence that they have specific ideological affiliations (communist, anarchist or otherwise), although it must be pointed out that this is not illegal either, nor should it be. Yet you make these assumptions, and no doubt a whole raft of others, and use them as blinders to the clear bullying taking place in this video.

    There are libertarians supporting the 99% movement, which is as much as movement against ‘cronyism’ as it is against your idealistic pet theories of “capitalism”. Would you still crow with glee if it turned out that these are among the people being arrested in this video?

  2. I am confused! “I ask not to be touched” ????? What the heck is she talking about? She is participating in civil disobedience. She is being arrested or detained. “touch” is part of being arrested. What part of civil disobedience does this ‘chick’ not understand.

    I do remember Chicago 68. These spoiled brats will be shocked when violence does become real…and the blood begins to spill in the street. They all live in a fantasy land. And then the top will come down, obama will declare marshall law…and the dictator will have his way with our country.

    Pray for our country. These are very dark times!

  3. Usefull idiots indeed, even if nothing had been done than her being asked to leave the area these socialists and communists would have been hollering “Police Brutality” and such across the board.

    Their purpose is to stir up as much trouble as they can, and now that some are going to be facing the courts expect a media circus above and beyond belief to commense.

    1. Yes they are useful idiots. Our country has become a tempest in a teapot and could blow at any minute. So many different factions fighting against one another. We will be lucky of we come out of this alive let alone with a country.

  4. Here’s the thing I get from this particular video. You have a woman being “detained” in a potentially violent situation. Since she was being “detained” and not formally arrested, yet, there was no requirement for her Miranda rights to be presented. The handcuffs were applied due to the nature of the atmosphere and to allow the officers present a higher level of control of the individual involved in the situation. In the event of a possible legal infraction an officer has the legal right to detain someone, including using handcuffs, until it is determined whether the situation warrants a release, arrest, or a simple summons.

  5. I agree Ron, idiot in the background with the Che tshirt should be maced, then tazed, along with the mad cow chanting “who are you protecting?”. All these people want a collapse of society with no idea what that means. They’ve obviously never missed a meal.

  6. They should get the same treatment they would hand out to protesters in their communits utopia. Beat them to a bloody pulp.


  7. Rich, spoiled rotten jackasses for Spongistan spitting at and kicking cops. They are luck I am not a cop, they’d have been tazed and/or shot. They need to stop sponging off mommy and daddy and get a job. Not one can be considered a contributor to society or a producer, just a sponger…

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