“October Surprise” Will Obama Attack Iran?

I’ve been telling audiences around the US for some time, that I  think that President Obama’s much feared “October Surprise” could be a US led attack on Iran.

I think that if it happens, it will not be all out war, but a comparatively small, surgical assault.

Here is my logic.

Obama loves Russia. Moscow loves Obama, because he is destroying the United States military, just as Moscow has always wanted. If Obama gets four more years, America’s once mighty military will become nothing more than a strike force for the United Nations – which is effectively controlled by Russia and China.

Russia wants Obama to win this election to finish off the US military as an effective counter force to Moscow and Beijing’s joint program for world domination.

Russia is allied with Iran, through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and through their shared hatred of the United States.

Obama will never seriously damage Iran, because Tehran is allied to his friends in Moscow.

However, if Obama attacks Iran – just enough to give them a bloody nose – this could well be enough to give him the lift in the polls he needs to win the upcoming election.

Moscow orders Iran to take a small hit, Obama wins four more years. He then guts the US military, leaving Moscow, Beijing and Tehran to do whatever they like, with no fear of retaliation.

A win/win situation for the Axis of Evil.

The Moscow funded propaganda station Russia Today, seems to think that such an attack is very likely.

From Russia Today:

The United States and Israel are already involved in discussions over how they could soon conduct a joint surgical strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, a source close to the talks tells Foreign Policy magazine.

After months of urging from Israeli authorities for the US to intervene in a rumored Iranian plan to procure a nuke, a source speaking on condition of anonymity tells Foreign Policy’s David Rothkopf that the two allies have come close to signing off on an attack against Iran.

Although no plan of action has been set in stone yet, the source says the attack will likely be from the sky and consist of drone strikes and bomber jets for only “a couple of hours” at best but would not require more than “a day or two” of action.

But while the US has not officially signed onto the strike, the source reports, American involvement would be absolutely necessary in order to effectively take out the structures where Iranian scientists are assumed to be attempting to procure a nuclear warhead.

“To get to buried Iranian facilities, such as the enrichment plant at Fordow, would require bunker-busting munitions on a scale that no Israeli plane is capable of delivering,” Rothkopf writes in the article, published Monday, October 8. “The mission, therefore, must involve the United States, whether acting alone or in concert with the Israelis and others.”.

Speaking before the United Nations General Assembly only days later, though, President Obama appeared to be more willing to act if Iran is proven to be procuring a weapon of mass destruction, vowing, “the United States will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” and said that any attempts by Iran to procure a nuclear warhead would “threaten the elimination of Israel, the security of Gulf nations, and the stability of the global economy” and is “not a challenge that can be contained.”

Now following a report RT published last week concerning classified footage of Iranian facilities believed to be handed over to American intelligence from a defected member of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad entourage, the US may finally be ready to give in to Israeli pressure and strike Iran.

I only hope that Israel does not go along with any such plan. Any attack on Iran before the election will almost certainly help Obama.

Four more years of Obama could well be the death of Israel and probably every other Western nation.

Better to wait until after January 2013, when a true friend of Israel will hopefully be occupying the White House. If Romney is resolute enough, quick enough, Tehran may be tamed by other means, rather than war.

Then there is the huge elephant in the room.

Why the huge fuss about Iran building nuclear weapons in the first place? Its a farce. Russia could ship any number of nuclear weapons over the Iranian border any day it chooses.

Russia and China are the real enemies. Iran is just their proxy.


From The Jerusalem Post:

The White House implemented new sanctions against Iran Tuesday, as the US seeks to tighten the financial screws on the regime in Tehran.

US President Barack Obama issued an executive order that carries out sanctions approved previously by Congress. The new measures include cracking down on the provision of goods, services and technology to those who help the regime’s repression of the Iranian people.

They also take a step toward imposing sanctions on Iran’s natural gas exports, in addition to the ones currently in place for petroleum.

“This action is part of our comprehensive sanctions effort to apply pressure on the Iranian government to meet its international obligations with regard to its nuclear program,” US National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement accompanying the sanctions announcement.


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17 thoughts on ““October Surprise” Will Obama Attack Iran?


    1. “Would the Obama Administration stoop this low to win re-election?”

      May I assume that is a rhetorical question?

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  3. I agree but think that Israel is well aware of the fickle nature of the Obama administration–the administration is not to be trusted–their actions and words are not supported by their beliefs.

    I think that Israel would have a backup plan to really damage and do more than bloody the nose of Iran if America does not hold up her part of the deal.

    I know that God is in control and watching over Israel and I will pray that America has a new leader; I will pray for all the truth to be revealed about the true motives of the Obama administration be revealed-the truth about his history and his beliefs be revealed. I know that no one can interfere with my prayers! I know that God hears and answers prayers.

    But Americans have to wake up and stand up for their freedom!

  4. The speculation by a person who is clueless on the internals of Israeli domestic affairs is not worth much. Nothing will happen.

  5. This is scary and the worst part is that thegeneral American Public would believe it as a plus for Obama. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is for social, economic and military distribution of America’s resources to others with no consideration of protecting our great country’s freedoms and ability to protect and aide the needy around the world.

    We are a generous nation and only able to do so through strength of our military.

  6. In terms of the SCO Iran is still not a full member, they want to be a full member but the chicoms wont let them they are still only an observer. Second point is that the reason they wont allow Iran to become a full member in the SCO is because of UN sanctions that both Russian and China ultimately backed (they didnt veto it). Has Russia actually given Iran the S300, the answer to that question is again no. Do you think Russia actually wants a nuclear armed Iran with Chechnya next door.

    Come on people the person who wrote this blog is a BAD analyst.

  7. Turkey has with the approval of its Parliament can carry out cross-border strikes into Syria, and got an extended year with its strikes in northern Iraq against the Kurdish PPK. The U. N. and NATO are backing Turkey which had held six days of shelling of Syria. Then yesterday Turkey forces a Syrian passenger plane down, because it’s suspected of having illegal military gear aboard, and the cargo was unloaded. The U.S. State Department backed Turkey actions. We don’t need to attack Iran directly. The U.S. could be directing Turkey, a NATO member into doing provocative acts to raise the level of tensions with Syria, and if war does break out between them. It could involve Iran, Russia, and NATO into a region wide conflict.

  8. But with the Libya fiasco I think the public is looking at Obama/Hillary at the control as the keystone cops and would see further middle east going up in flames as being due to more of their incompetency. Obama promised less involvement not more. The public does not want to see more U.S. involvement but less. They already view Afghanistan as a bigger mess with more of our casualties due as well to the greater mismanagement/remote control by this pResidency. But then Obama, if desperate, may look for some reason even to try to delay the election and hold on to power via some “executive order” due to world crisis excuse. It’s a different unique unto them lie and different tactic each day with this group.

  9. I disagree slightly.

    I think that Obama will create a Gulf of Tonkin event. He will find a way to cause Iran to take some slight military action in the Gulf. We will respond by sinking a ship or a few fast boats. Perhaps we’ll sweep the Gulf for mines. This way we will appear to not be the aggressor and Obama will still claim that he is a military genius.

    It could be enough to blunt the Romney momentum. We need to find a way to innoculate the American public. Spreading this blog post would be one way.


  10. I agree. Iranian nukes has been a strategic deception for years. Indeed, they most likely purchased them long ago from numerous sources. Egypt and Pakistan have had nuclear capability for decades. The KGB began infiltrating agents of influence into Muslim nations in the 1970’s to further radicalize those nations against the West, but that Red/Green alliance has always been tenuous. The psychopath communist cadre really don’t believe in communism, they just want others to believe it to more easily enslave them. The Muslims are a different case. They believe their own nonsense, they are more numerous, and they have a centuries-old history of conquest in the name of Allah. But the ad hoc Red/Green alliance is a great threat nonetheless, especially since one of their own infiltrated the Presidency under political pretenses. We escalate or we capitulate.

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