4 thoughts on “EMP Nightmare: How Iran or North Korea Could Destroy America with a Single Bomb

  1. This is how the “us” (intentionally left in lower case) is destroyed. We think small now and the despots are thinking of how to truly destroy us.

    This type of weapon will leave every building, dam and road intact. We will start to die off within 24 hours. 200 million within the first year from starvation and lack of medical technology.

    We have lost the ability to care for ourselves and when the super market is no longer full of food, we will have to learn how our grandparents did it.

    Read “One Second After” for an idea of how it will be.

  2. I read everything you post and repost it in the hope that people will read it – I am aware and educated as to what is going on in this world – but I have to tell you Iran and N. Korea are loose canons and since they have Russia behind them we are in more danger then most people know. Thanks for all you do you are a great man.

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