National Suicide? Further US Nuclear Cuts Planned

In my view, this is the chief reason why Barack Obama was maneuvered into the US presidency and why leftist budget expert Leon Panetta is now US Secretary of Defense.

From the Washington Times

The Obama administration has been secretly working on a review of U.S. nuclear weapons in what officials say is part of the White House effort to make deeper cuts on strategic nuclear forces.

“The administration has made up its mind that they want to go lower, and the only way to go lower is to change the military requirements for how many weapons are needed,” said a U.S. official familiar with the review.

The review has been dubbed a “mini-NPR,” after the Nuclear Posture Review conducted last year that coincided with lame-duck Senate approval in December of the New START treaty, which calls for cutting nuclear arms to 5,000 warheads. Pentagon and U.S. Strategic Command spokesmen had no immediate comment. The mini-NPR is now looking for even lower levels, raising new concerns among national security officials about whether the United States will be able to deter China’s growing and largely secret nuclear forces or a revanchist Russia that is also bolstering its arsenal.

Administration officials have made references to the nuclear-weapons-cutting effort in recent weeks.

Among them were Rose Gottemoeller, assistant secretary of state for verification. She said at a conference on deterrence in August that “the United States has made it clear that we are committed to continuing a step-by-step process to reduce the overall number of nuclear weapons,” including through a possible agreement with Russia that would cover all types of nuclear arms – strategic, tactical and deployed and non-deployed.

Gary Samore, White House arms control coordinator, said in May that the review of nuclear arms was under way. “We’ll need to do a strategic review of what our force requirements are, and then, based on that, the president will have options available for additional reductions,” he told Arms Control Today. “That review is ongoing.” Mr. Samore noted that the review is taking time because “we’ve reached the level in our forces where further reductions will raise questions about whether we retain the triad, or whether we go to a system that only is a dyad.”

The current triad strategic force consists of three types of delivery systems: land-based missiles, bombers and submarine missiles. It is not known which delivery system would be placed on the chopping block under the mini-NPR. Mr. Samore noted that if there is no agreement or treaty for the next nuclear cuts, “even unilateral” cuts are being considered.

The only real question here is – is this suicide, or is it pre-meditated murder?


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10 thoughts on “National Suicide? Further US Nuclear Cuts Planned

  1. The answer is, it is neither suicide nor pre-meditated murder. Cuts to our nuclear forces makes sense in this fiscal crisis. We can field a creditable deterrent at lower levels. The following force structure would still deter any nation from attacking us with nuclear weapons:
    1. 300 icbms with one warhead each – close one missile base.
    2. 192 slbms on 8 deployed Ohio subs – 10 Ohio subs total.
    3. 16 B-2s carrying B83s.
    4. Convert 4 Ohio subs to tactical trident SSGNs.
    5. Convert B-52Hs and AGM-86Bs to conventional only.
    6. Convert B61s to be carried by tactical figher aircraft only.
    This would still give us 2,300 deployed warheads: 300 on icbms, 1,200 on subs, 300 on bombers, 500 on fighters. The truth is we don’t have a triad. We have 5 different delivery vehicles whereas we should rely mostly on icbms and slbms and have B-2s serve as a niche nuclear bomber role. Cold War strategy of more and more warheads doesn’t improve deterrence and wastes valuable resources that should be shifted to our conventional forces.

  2. Almost daily, evidence piles up that Obama is a Comintern mole.

    His actions are incomprehensible without this proposition as an analytic assumption.

    When will Congress wake up and convene impeachment hearings?

  3. Isn’t that great?? We can ALL sleep better knowing the Communist in the people’s house hates the US and doesn’t give a rat’s ass that he’s making us sitting ducks. This is why Ovomit HAS TO GO… NOW!!

  4. Indeed, as many of us figured with this administration is the ongoing disarming and gutting of our own national defenses; we will soon enough be rated as nothing more than a third rate militayr power due to Obama, who wishes to leave us at the absolute mercy of the rest of the world.

    1. Brave Elisabeth's Exact Words… are now in draft-form, and will be peilbshud on December 1st, in the U.S.A.*** Let Freedom's Liberty Bell Ring! ***www.lazyonebenn.blogspot.comreb___ ___

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