2 thoughts on “Al Qaeda Man Holds Top Military Post in Libyan Insurgency?

  1. As an addendum, I would NOT regard that KeyWiki article as a credible source for anything having to do with RT or with Russia itself. Their animosity against all things Russian is palpable.

    An awful lot of people in the blogosphere – and that includes many libertarians and conservatives – are still fighting the Cold War. Russia is NOT the former Soviet Union, and while Putin was formerly in the KGB, he has clearly repented of his former association with Communism. No, I am not giving a blanket endorsement to everything that the government of the Russian Federation is doing, but then, I would not give a blanket endorsement to the actions of any government! Suffice it to say that the Russians are not the ogres that they are made out to be in the western mainstream media (which is mostly wrong about everything anyway).

    I’m an Orthodox Christian and a Serbian-American, so I hear a lot more about what is going on in the Slavic world than most people in the West. There is a widespread fear and prejudice against all things Slavic and against Eastern Christianity, and this prejudice is largely based on unfamiliarity.

  2. Sometimes RT covers stuff that the western media won’t, and they’re correct. I wouldn’t automatically discount a news source just because it comes out of Russia.

    They’ll let you know what’s going on in the Balkans, which has been kept out of the news ever since the Clinton Administration turned Kosovo into a narcoterrorist cesspool.

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