Revolution Spreads to Europe

As predicted by Glenn Beck and others, the revolutions that began in Tunisia and Egypt are being exported to Europe.

Greece and Spain, are already feeling the first effects.

From the New Zealand’s Socialist Aotearoa website

A beautiful video of solidarity from the Egyptian revolutionary people to the youth of Spain, defying their failed political class to bring the Arab Spring to Europe. Now being shown to all the camps occupying Spain’s major city squares, as the movement spreads to cities in Italy and Portugal-

Peoples of Europe, Rise Up!


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4 thoughts on “Revolution Spreads to Europe

  1. The western way of life is under critical and concentrated assault from within and without; the socialists, revolutionaries, and the extremists are seeking to destroy the world societies now to reforge them into their own nightmares made into reality.

    If it is not stopped soon, then there will be a war on the lines of ideology and religion.

    1. The western way of life means robbing other countries of everything with 100% privatization programs. Who ever said the western way of life was the good way anyway?

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