Top communist calls to ‘make country ungovernable’

Speaking to protesters assembled in Columbus Circle on Inauguration Day, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization Political Secretary, Steff Yorekstated, “We need to stay in the streets the entire four years opposing Trump and making the country ungovernable.”

Steff Yorek, microphone

If you doubt Yorek’s ability to make good on her threat, please check out Trevor Loudon’s latest mini-documentary below. It details, among other things, Freedom Road’s close ties to Putin’s Russia.


Author: Trevor

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7 thoughts on “Top communist calls to ‘make country ungovernable’

  1. Who feeds them ? Were are they getting money to go around protesting? It takes money to live,some one is doing this who?

    1. Exactly right Duncan. That is the question to ask, but we think we have the answer. The funders need to be RICOed as directors of a continuing criminal enterprise, and all their assets seized.

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