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“Britain is a Riot”

The always great Pat Condell on the recent British riots. Any Western policeman or upright citizen could relate to this.

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More on the Days of Rage Event

NoisyRoom A poster that accurately shows what it is all about. Communism. Anarchism. The Progressives are behind this whole thing. Believe it. U.S. Day of…

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Why Now? My Decision to Become a U.S Citizen

NoisyRoom By: Jacqueline Murphy Tea Party Tribune On July 4th of this year, Paul Karl Lukacs, a lawyer, blogger and author of nothing you’ve ever…

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Cornel West: I’ll Support Obama If He’s Up Against “Catastrophic, Mean-Spirited, And A Whole Lot of Ignorance” Michele Bachmann

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: BB Read more at Hot Air Pundit…

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