Scott Douglas: Covert Communist Supporter Leads Charge Aganst Alabama Anti Illegal Immigration Law

Florida Communist Party USA leader Josh LeClair interviews Scott Douglas, executive director of Alabama’s Greater Birmingham Ministries. Douglas is leading the charge against Alabama’s comparatively tough new anti-illegal immigration laws.

Douglas poses as a man of faith, a religious leader of Birmingham’s black community.

In reality, Douglas was a long time Communist Party USA member, from at least 1972 to 1991. He was a member at one point of the Party’s Religious Commission, the body charged with expanding communist influence in the churches. In 1991, Douglas left the Party to support the breakaway Committees of Correspondence.

Douglas, like many former CoC members, appears to have returned to the Communist Party orbit.

Fighting for Immigrant Rights in Alabama from Scott Marshall on Vimeo.

Scott Douglas on the Colbert Report.

Scott Douglas, executive director of [[Greater Birmingham Ministries]], appeared on the Colbert Report on Monday night to mark Martin Luther King’s birthday celebration.

Douglas has been with GBM since 1993, and has recently taken on the fight against Alabama’s tough immigration law, which is known as HB56. Before the interview, Colbert described Douglas as “a community organizer who believes anti-immigration is the civil rights issue of our time.”

During the interview, Douglas described HB56 as a law that “burdens family, breaks up families, forces to split up our families, burdens taxpayers and makes law enforcement take on the extra job of checking out people at traffic stops.” Douglas argued against a patchwork state immigrant law system in which all 50 states have their own anti-immigrant laws, and in favor of a comprehensive federal immigration law “that’s just and fair for everyone.” Douglas also mentioned the argument that HB56 diverts scarce law enforcement resources to immigration enforcement, a view shared by Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale and other Alabama law enforcement officials.

At one point, Colbert told Douglas that he is unable to see color (a long running Colbert Report gag), and asked if Douglas is Hispanic.

“I am a proud African-American, a proud Alabamian and a proud United States citizen,” Douglas replied.


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3 thoughts on “Scott Douglas: Covert Communist Supporter Leads Charge Aganst Alabama Anti Illegal Immigration Law

  1. I was waiting for the punchline, sad it didn’t come. I don’t think posts like this are going to have much of an impact especially since he’s a *former* COMMIE. Not that factoids like the above aren’t useful, just that they need to be woven into a bigger tapestry.

    Something that would be effective would be to show how he’s wrong and then make sure that his supporters see it.

    Something that would be much more effective would be to undercut Colbert on this issue, something I spent hours trying to do. I wrote two posts about how he’s wrong on the issue, another post about how an MSM reporter who promoted him was wrong on the issue, set up an online petition (with three other signers:, and posted a couple threads on his forum. Aside from those three other signers, I never got any help with any of that despite how it was designed to separate Colbert from some of his fans and encourage him to change his ways. This post might not even be here if I’d gotten some help with that.

    Consider doing things more fundamental, like encouraging people to do things.

  2. Federalist 32 describes the authorities of congress and states. While the immigration law is established by congress it is in no way exclusive of the “union” to enforce that law. In fact it is a necessary policy that states preserve the rights of their citizens by policing those inside it’s borders in any way that does not violate the constitution or the laws congress establishes establishing the constitutional mandate to form a universal policy of immigration. The law provides for who and how immigrants may legally enter. All others are in violation of federal law and more importantly, the right of the people to the enforcement of laws congress enacts as sworn to by the president. The refusal to deport illegal entrants is contempt of congress as well as a constitutional violation. When that violation results in a crime by an illegal entrant already charged as such the president himself is responsible, criminally if it is his policy to not enforce the law. That said, any victim of said crime should press charges against the president in state criminal court as a conspirator to the crime. No person is above the law.

    As for the CPUSA and it’s assorted namesakes, any violence perpetrated at their urging is prosecutable as they have no right to overthrow any part of the law, constitution or political system.

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