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  1. Well, and let us not forget the New World Order — Agenda 21 and the UN’s Vision for the 21st Century — where sovereign nations will give up their political and economic power to the UN and strange, unelected, elitist bureaucrats. The old borders of States and countries will be redesigned into ecosystems and UDAs (Urban Development Areas). People will be found only in selected areas. Agriculture will be limited to certain areas as well. Only the elite will own cars and homes and property.

    So they want to inculcate in our young a sense of a global unit that is broken down into regions, not nations.

    It appears to be working.

    But then the Third Reich seemed to be working at one point, and Mussolini’s early popularity in the US did decline after a time. Thank Heavens, we fought back.

    But then our parents and grandparents hadn’t been indoctrinated to the extent we’ve been. Well, some were — Barack’s grandparents went to the Little Red Church. But most of us had parents and grands who believed in the free market system and our Constitutional Republic.

    That’s not true anymore.

    Still. The love of individual liberty combined with the inevitable failure of socialist systems indicates to me that the NWO will not succeed in the long haul. No matter how much Soros funds the thing. He may believe he’s akin to God, but he’s a mere mortal. One day we’ll be free of his pernicious money. I pray.

  2. Those of us with family and business associates on the border with AZ and Mexico have long heard there are the Hezbollah agents and bands on the border — and working with the drug cartels as well. The war of the cartels and the Mexican government has gotten sophisticated in the usage of car bombings, IED’s and the like.

    Even a fair number of millitary intelligence members, while not able to say anything classified and such, have confirmed that materials and “other interesting goods” such as guns, gear, prayer books and the like are found on occasion — including a book on heroic martyrs of the Hezbolla history.

    Mr Obama and the administration are leaving the border wide open just to encourage the chance for an ‘event’ to occur they can crack down on the country with; they need the bottom-up, top-down and inside – out pressure Van Jones often quotes.

    They need the system to collapse completely.

  3. It’s beyond me why our Southern border is left so open. Especially in light of stuff like this:

    May 25, 2010
    MCMINNVILLE, Ore. – Federal agents say an Iranian citizen lied to get across the U.S.-Canadian border and then stashed weapons near the border after transporting them from McMinnville, according to a court document.

    Agents said last Tuesday night Oliver King crossed the border on a false passport telling customs he had to “pick up his wife at the Target store.” But agents followed him down Interstate 5 to McMinnville, watched him pull up to an office building he leases which is a gun shop, load up boxes and drive back to Ferndale, Wash.

    There in a storage unit, agents said they found a stash of $30,000 worth of law enforcement grade sniper rifles, handguns and ammunition. And on the boxes were shipping labels to “McMinnville, Oregon”.

    Salem resident David Cross – not the ATF or customs agents – alerted various local police agencies after he saw an Associated Press story about the arrest of King.

    “It troubled me in a post 9/11 world that a Canadian national could buy guns in McMinnville, Ore., and I looked at this and said, ‘uh oh, I wonder if our local state and county law enforcement officials have been contacted about this,” Cross said.

    The local agencies said they didn’t know the McMinnville Hunting and Police Supplies gun shop existed.

    The landlord said King signed a five-year lease last year but neighboring tenants have only seen a man twice, including last week.

    A sign tacked onto a door says boxes are to be left down the hall with a real estate agent with Premier Northwest Real Estate. The real estate agent refused to comment.

    Court records say King’s real name is Hamid Malekpour.

    When confronted agents said King claimed to be a hunter but his guns and ammunition are not what a hunter would use.

    The court document says King claimed to have a hunting license from North Dakota but it was just an image of an expired one. He did get a Canadian hunting license the same morning along with his new passport.

    He reportedly told agents his was damaged in the wash but agents said they found it and it was just fine.

    King has three visas for Iran, two from last year, and another from six weeks ago.

    The gun shop is owned by someone else who the AP identifies as Amir Zarandi. But the gun shop is not listed on state or ATF records.

    The landlord said he knows nothing about him other than he might be a California associate.


    And if that’s not scary enough: “it is surprisingly easy to smuggle nuclear weapons into the US, either across the Mexican border or using a small transport missile that can slip undetected when launched from a Russian airplane.” (Stanislav Lunev)

    So why, precisely, do we do nothing about the border? It’s beyond me.

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