4 thoughts on “A Terrorist, OBAMA’S FRIEND Bernadine Dohrn Advocates Communism to Sheeple

  1. The crowd is made up of the same un-washed stuck in the 60’s bunch I saw around Berkley in the late 60’s. The old SDS, Support peace or I’ll kill you mentality. Who’d have thunk it, two unrepentant terrorists have a platform from which to advocate the desctruction of America. Just proves the American people are in a state of group sleep. It’s time to wake up…in the words of Robbie the Robot “Danger Danger Will Robinson, Danger”

  2. One good thing-nobody appears to be listening!! How and why are these two terrorists allowed to leave our country and spread their evil communist agenda abroad? Green is the new red. Hitler used it too. It always ends the same.

  3. I appreciate hearing the other side, so I struggled through this 15 minute diatribe.

    Mental health clinics cut because of…what??? I’d guess Ms. Dohrn should know when her clinic was closed, but… Nutso.

    She implies Germany has control of nuclear weapons. That certainly isn’t true. MAD has worked, and continues to work. It has kept the peace. NATO has realized the influence of international terror, but nuclear bombs haven’t been used. (Perhaps they should.)

    To proclaim Bradley Manning as a whistle-blower is equally absurd. If one wishes to destroy sovereignty, you expose all secrets. I’d prefer to keep my nation’s borders. I noted when I visited New Zealand a few years ago, they demanded I showed proof I was leaving soon before I was admitted.

    Her anti-capitalism rant, the teat she’s (and her husband, particularly) fixed herself on, are ridiculous.

    Dohrn is a (literal) bomb-thrower, accompanied by a small cadre of followers. Can she simply be dismissed?

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