Willing Accomplices: A Book Review

By Butte Metz

The new book “Willing Accomplices” by former CIA agent Kent Clizbe; is a well researched book that harkens back to earlier works such as those from the Captive Nations Committee, exposing the Communist machinations in the free world.

I have put the first 3 paragraphs of his book here as Mr. Clizbe says it better than I could tell you myself:

In Willing Accomplices, using counter-intelligence analytical techniques honed while serving as an espionage officer in the CIA, Iwill demonstrate that the emergence of Political Correctness (PC) in America was as intentionally orchestrated as Coca-Cola’sn advertising is carefully planned and implemented.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the roots of the strategy to implant PC in the American ethos came from an old and familiar adversary: the former Soviet Union’s Committee for State Security (Russian acronym—KGB).

My thesis is that the KGB, beginning soon after the Communist takeover of Russia in 1917, implemented massive covert influence operations. Their goal was to destroy the core moral fabric of American society. Taking advantage of the intellectual and philosophical climate of the early 1900s, the Soviet intelligence apparatus began what would now be called in intelligence circles, “a preparation of the battle space” to move the world towards the inevitable dictatorship of the proletariat.

Covert operatives realized that America’s greatest strengths were its proud exceptionalism and belief that freedom and liberty were part of man’s divine destiny. Our free society also made us vulnerable to covertoperations. KGB case officers and their agents had easy access to a wide range of American society.

With that beginning Mr. Clizbe makes the connections from the beginnings of the Soviet Union to today in America. The destruction of the free world and the rise of a one world dictatorial government has been planned for over 100 years now. Many of today’s advocates of political correctness and Marxism, have no idea the origins of their ideas. Ideas that bring you today’s multiculturalism and even the Democrat Party core beliefs.

Well researched and documented, this is a fascinating book that is well written and easy to digest.

Available thru www.willingaccomplices.com


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8 thoughts on “Willing Accomplices: A Book Review

  1. This is some great news. With a few new sites going live this is excellent information to use to make a plan of action. I just had to drop which you line to mention that i thoroughly enjoyed this post from yours, I get subscribed for a RSS feeds and have skimmed a few of your articles or blog posts before but this one really were standing out in my situation. You

  2. Have not read this book but it sounds like it corroborates ‘Cry Havoc’ by Ralph Toledano and ‘Dupes’ by Paul Kengor. Will the great long term communist plot against western civilization finally become well enough known to move Americans to action?

    1. Well, Glenn Beck has been doing a terrific job of educating those of us who bother to watch him. He’s given us the so-called ‘rundown’ on all the leftists organizations in our country whose only goal is the destruction of America as we know it. Yes, Americans are waking up — but is it too late? Time will tell. My own take on this is rather bleak. For Communists/Marxists/ and other radical front groups to infiltrate our govt. and gain seats of power is utterly disheartening and extremely dangerous. The man sitting in the WH now is hell bent on the total destruction of the US. Simply look at what he’s done, not particularly what he says. The really sad part in all of this, is the fact that he feels so comfortable in his role. Obama apparently knows something we don’t and that is that no one in Congress or the judicial will out this fraud and he knows it. Very sad commentary on the depths of the infiltration of our own govt. America has been asleep at the wheel for a very long time. Sen. Joe McCarthy was on the right track, but of course, the infiltration of the press by the commies made sure that McCarthy was slandered and made to look the fool. We had our chance way back then, but, too many stood by on the sidelines and watched the horror show. So many years have gone by since then, and look at the state of our country now. Unfortunately, it’s gotten so bad, that literal lines in the sands have to be marked and you have to decide which side you’re on. I love my country but feel quite powerless to act in any way to save it! We have fraudulent elections and nobody goes to jail; we have a fraud acting as our president sitting in the WH and nothing’s being done about it; we have communists running our education at all levels; we abortion on demand; the morality of our great nation has gone down the tubes; we have an economy that has already gone over the cliff; our money is being devalued to the point that we here in America will soon be experiencing another Weimar Republic; we have a govt. that is intentionally out of control letting criminals out into our streets in Calif. because the prisons are overcrowded; we do not protect our own borders especially given the fact that we now live in an age of terrorism and we leave our borders totally wide-open! Our kids in public education are given Ritalin like it’s candy; there’s is no such thing as ‘education’ anymore — it’s ‘indoctrination’ by the commies. I could go on for hours about the sad disintegration of our country but suffice it to say, I don’t know if we can come back from the brink. We’ve been asleep for too long while the usurpers of freedom and liberty were busy for at least the last 100 years, plotting the demise of the U.S.A. God help us.

  3. Indeed this book seems to be one worth getting; I am too glad for it to emerge at this time. To understand the true freedoms and the liberties we enjoy is a journey of liberation in and of itself for those who are daring enough to walk the path into the light of the truth.

    For too long we have, as a people, allowed our freedoms and liberty to be taken away, or willingly surrenered until now almost nothing is left. This is the last stages of the ‘fundamental transformation promised by Mr Obama, who has betrayed us across the board so many times and ways, and yet has nothing to fear save from himself due to the fact the progressives have ensured his survival.

    We are awakening finally from too long of a slumber, and the light is shining on the darkness to reveal all of its horrors hidden for so long of a time.

    May we as a nation Restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and this time never forget the cause and duty we all share in the safeguarding of those freedoms.

  4. It’s great to see this subject matter finally being addressed, or more specifically, that people are more receptive to it in light of recent events. The economic meltdown beginning in 2008 was the impetus for my own research, and it really turned my perspective upside down. Mr. Clizbe’s book will likely verify what I discovered – much to my amazement. I wonder if we’ll get a fair assessment of the CIA’s role and an explanation of how some multinational corporations were instrumental in bringing about this unfortunate national transformation. Both the Democrat party and more recently, the Republican establishment are responsible for abandoning constitutional principles.

    I will never again see the US as the country I was brought up to believe in. But this journey of discovery is a truly liberating experience. I’ll add “Willing Accomplices” to my reading list.

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