SEIU Plans to Infiltrate Republican Party to Defeat Tea Party

By: Janet Smiles
Gulag Bound

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SEIU On California’s Conservatives: ‘If we can’t get them out, we’ll breed them out.’

There is a scene in the movie Braveheart in which King Edward I (Longshanks) laments that there are too many Scotts. His solution is to declare reinstatement of the old practice of primae noctis, which is to allow his nobles to have the right to take the Scots’ newlywed wives to their beds on their wedding night. Upon declaring primae noctis, Longshanks states (in obvious reference to impregnating the Scots’ brides), “if we can’t get them out, we’ll breed them out.”

While there is wide speculation that the practice of primae noctis is, in fact, fictional, it seems the leaders of the California’s SEIU, feeling there are too many conservatives holding public office in California, have adopted their own union version of primae noctis: If we can’t get them out, we’ll breed them out.

California’s SEIU leaders are planning on getting rid of California’s conservative lawmakers by taking over the California Republican Party by recruiting their own GOP candidates.


Self appointed gods, despicable people try to control everyone else and make the world do what they want. America was built upon the foundation of liberty for all and all men created equal. Fight for your freedom, man!


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10 thoughts on “SEIU Plans to Infiltrate Republican Party to Defeat Tea Party

  1. I tried to find out the response of tea party outside U.S. I am seriously confused. I find the writing of Marxist has different each other. Such: MMP: Merebut Nilai Tea Party Untuk Mengalahkan Dwi Partai AS(MMP: Capture the Value of Tea Party To Beat U.S. Dual Party).

    He connects tea party with it’s own country history. He thought the tea party is fascism, a force equally born from the lower class with socialism to defeat genuine socialism. I see the views of the socialists in different countries about the Tea Party, but from a source that I have seen, he stated that the American socialists have wrong strategy to carry assuming Obama. Society of U.S. is ready to create the most modern communism in the world, according by So called Leon Trotsky’s analysis in 1930s – Because U.S. citizen don’t like big bureaucracy, they love to organize itself. According socialists Indonesia, that the U.S. Socialist should seize the tea party values ​​to defeat obama-democrats both tea party republicans, they must develop a doctrine that has been true from U.S. founding father.

    “How to filter something called socialism, can only be done when the basic essence of socialism understood as a whole from start to scientific utopia. We have to know that, the argument of Hitler is not all wrong, the argument of the Tea Party in the U.S. is not all wrong, they just rotate the theorem. Just like a knife in the hands of a chef and a serial killers, if we curse knives we ‘ve become pigs no longer human, whether we tell the chef cut the fish and chicken meat with wood? Ignorance does not produce anything other than stupidity! Stupidity does not produce anything other than pig’s brain!

    Since in the Obama era, the U.S. bureaucracy increased so high including the military. Indeed, if the socialists getting swept up by the idea of ​​the Democrats and Obama even there’s happen a socialist revolution in U.S., it is too big for the occurrence of counter revolution such the Soviet Union. Stalin carried out a coup and lend a hand crawling Secret Police. When this is already a huge bureaucratic socialism transformed from a visionary idea into a pig. Do not we wonder after Lenin’s death , Russia and China to war over the border region?”

  2. There was a time when this would have been called dirty tricks. Perhaps part of our problems is that our morality isn’t offended by dirty tricks.

  3. Karen- You are so right. The TEA party I am afilliated with is all about educating the public, because with education comes the ability to make informed decisions. We can not allow our name to be used in any way to further the downward spiral that we desire to stop.
    “A good thing about the TEA Party is that it has no leader (to attack)- A bad thing about the TEA Party is that it has no leader (but we can still mobilize)”

  4. The truth will set you free, welcome the SEIU, they can only believe their own lies if that is all they hear. Perhaps if the listen to what they speak, they will shut up!

  5. Braveheart is the greatest movie on leadership & freedom ever to hit tge screen.

    I have compared our Agitator-in-Chief to the ruthless Longshanks & I’m in search for our Wallace.

    The SEIU is comparable to the sellouts @ Stirling.

    Great comparison!

    1. You have your Wallace, his name is Ron Paul. Why do you think the establishment owned media has him blacked out of the debate results, even when their own polls show him the winner? It is because he is the only man who stands against the mechanism.

  6. Right at this moment, the maneuvers of SEIU and the parties are not all that different; each has their hands full with progressives and the Tea Parties are making the stand the citizens of America want.

    So let them try, as I have warned, they will use any and all means of hook and crook to make this election go their way.

    Soros said it best “You do not need to worry about the votes being in your favor; you just need to control those who certify the votes.”

    1. Well, the word doesn’t seem to be getting out well enough. In New York a fake ‘Tea Party’ candidate successfully sabotaged the election of a real Republican recently. I don’t know what to do about that, but I’m telling you people aren’t listening well enough. The Tea Party groups need to come out and declare very publicly and loudly, including through the news media, that they will NOT run candidates using ANY name related to the Tea Party, and that any candidate running with that kind of name is fake. I don’t know how loudly they need to scream it, but they MUST – in every interview, in every press release, EVERYWHERE!!!!! The only “tea party” candidate in 2012 will be fake. Put a little disclaimer on every article, every email, and every interview that says “The Tea Party does not run candidates for local, state or national offices. Any candidate registering with a name that includes the phrase “tea party” has no affiliation whatsoever with any Tea Party group and you should seek an alternate candidate.” I don’t know how else to stop this sabotage.

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