15 thoughts on “Constitutional Crisis Looming? Allen West on Obama and the ‘War Powers Act’

  1. Allen West is the right man for the job. He is the real deal and we may not find another like him for many years. I pray he finds his way to 2012, I’m not sure we can wait until 2016

  2. When it comes to Allen West I am not nearly as sure as everyone else that he would make a good Prez. He was great within the military, and saving his men like he did is a top notch hero; but we Conservatives in our fight to find a Ronald Reagan are coming up short I am afraid.

    To date there is no one that could even stand in Reagan’s shadow, nor do any of them have the style and substance of Reagan, and his class.

    West needs to stay where he is.

    God Bless America and help us unseat this illegal fraud in our WH.

    1. Reagan is dead. At best, he remains a role model for economic and international affairs. The problem, as I see it, is well over a hundred years old. To think or believe it is a “local problem” is quite short-sighted at least. There has been a long list of presidents chosen by “men behind the scene,” in that the participants from each Party are selected in such a way that the agenda of the world elites will be achieved over time. Reagan was not really supposed to happen, but the elites forced him to place GHWB in as VP. The assassination failed (thank God), but was turned into a significant opportunity for gun control. We know the rest of the story up to the present. The only saving opportunity in this is that the BO was elected instead of McCain. Both Parties are like the 2 rails of a train track. While they appear separate, they both end at the same destination. The train is the nation and world. The railroad ties are the banks that provide the monetary “glue” for their goal of the “New World Order.” Until we get out of comparisons from the past, the past will only be repeated because we have failed to learn from it. An astute listener to Colonel West would obviously hear a simple fact: he knows what the lessons are, and how to prevent a repitition. West would out-do Reagan as well as BO in a debate. We tend to glamourize aspects of the past while our eye needs to focus on the present or our future WILL be feudal. West has the best characteristics needed for survival of the country and the Constitution. He has and is serving his Country. Our problem is the train tracks. Both Parties go in the same direction. The elites have designed and constructed our political system to be this way as part of the “behind the scenes” control that has been exhibited for hundreds of years. Pay attention to one rail or the other, but for whatever’s sake, DON’T look at where the rails are going. Thanks to BO, his “election” may have been what the sheeple needed to wake up in time in order to stop the descruction of the greatest country the world has known. And that is why the elites want to destroy the USA. Let’s send a continuous message to Colonel West. We need his service higher up.

  3. When we Treaty contracted this country into the United Nations, we effectively surrendered our sovereignty and became a multiple compoment part of a global political structure.

    Our President is now nothing but a “squadron commander” in this world structure. He takes his orders from his superiors in the Security Council. This country, as a component part, has agreed to do its part to enforce UN Resolutions. These enforcement efforts are called “police actions”. They enforce contract obligation violations, like a traffic cop. They are not wars. Korea and Viet-Nam were “police actions”. they were conducted under UN supervision.

    Now can you understand why Obama asked permission from the UN? Follow the “principal-agent” relationship.

    1. Who has what it takes to get us out of the UN like Ron Paul suggests? We are the USA, we are the best and greatest; as well as, being the most generous. We do not need other countries’ oil, money, or intelligence. We can, and have, function on our own. There is no logical reason for us to be in the UN or paying a hefty 17% to the IMF. China only pays 4%.

      I will vote for the man or woman that puts in their platform that they will remove us from the UN, never to return again, and kicks them off of US property.

  4. Obama is in violation of the War Powers act already; then let us just start procedings for the impeachment of Mr Obama now, not in just a handful of days from now. The POTUS is suppose to uphold the laws of the land, he will just ignore anything he finds inconveinet to the advancement of his agenda.

    This is now becoming the very crisis point the admin has been wanting since he has come into office. The lines are drawn, and the battle will soon happen in the political realm.

    West is correct in the crisis is coming as well between the two parts of government, and yet with the Senate firmly in the grips of the left, nothing will get done to remove POTUS Obama from his own office for any violations.

    God please preserve the Republic, for the days ahead are dark and the storm is here.

    1. Obama has trampled upon the Constitution from his first day as president. He disregards the will of the people amd imposes his will on us. He acts like a king or a despot or a dictator, you name it. His aim is to destroy the USA as it was conceived and replace it with a socialized state, subservient to the UN. He is destroying our economy, the value of the dollar, cozying up with fellow dictators and turning his back on Israel. He butters up to Islam and disregards Christianity. The man is a disaster to and for the USA. Yet Congress continues to whine but always does nothing. When Obama disregards them the back down.

      I remember reading in the Wall Street Journal, during the Carter years, that whenever the Soviet Union frequently said “nyet” to his State Dept proposals, they’d come back home and ask themselves:”what did we do wrong”. Today’s congress is like yesterday’s State Dept………no backbone.

      Obama needs to be repeatedly confronted and the Congress should not worry about what his liberal, main-stream media, propaganda machine says.

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