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  1. The “America” Jefferson gave us was founded on a “State of Nature” existance, governed by the Biblical common-law. It was established on the State level. Only the State governments recognize and administer “Natural Law” (common-law), recognize God, and the unalienable “natural” rights derived therefrom. Every State Constitution begins by recognizing God as the source and guarantor of our liberties.

    The “national” government was established by the States to administer “international law” functions, like “regulating commerce” and “warfare”.

    International law is of a military character; it does not protect rights, it enforces statutory positive law. This is the same “alien jurisdiction” our Founders rebelled against and expelled from the land. Being incompatible with liberty, a “wall of separation” was erected between Congress and the States and their citizens protected by them. Congress was only given authority over “Territories”. There is no “federal” Americanism.

    When the slaves were freed after the Civil War, Congress established an “after-market” America on the “federal” level to accomodate them, as they could not be admitted to citizenship in any of the States.

    The Civil Rights Act of 1866, Constitutionalized by the 14th Amendment, established a privileged ipso-fact “federal” citizenship for them, vesting them with statutory “civil rights” intended to provide them with “statutory” equality with the original State citizens.

    The Civil Rights Acts and the 14th Amendment do not apply to the pre-Civil War State citizen who did not need a statute enacted by their “servants” or an Amendment to the Constitution to give them rights. They already had absolute Creator derived unalienable “natural” rights which pre-dated government.

    Statutory “civil Rrghts” and the 14th Amendment were enacted to protect, and only apply to, non-“posterity” minorities, who are government created “subjects”. Their “civil rights” come from Congress, not God. Though they are based upon God given “natural” rights, they are government granted statutory “privileges”, dependant on the outcome of a vote, subject to change at every election, or change of whim of Congress.

    The “federal” government, an International Law authority, only recognizes and enforces statutory “civil rights” for the benifit of its “federal” minority citizens (as this country was not founded for them, they were adopted into it ipso-facto as a privilege). It does not recognize God or the unalienable “natural” rights derived therefrom. State governments did that. It enforces them upon the State governments, forcing them to violate their own Constitutions.

    Re-submitting ourselves to “federal” authority has cost us our freedom, invalidated the Declaration of Independance and the Revolutionary War, and returned us to where this country was before the Revolution.

  2. The key difference we need to remember and hold onto is the differnce of the ‘Rights of man’ and the “Rights of men (plural).”

    The first is the rights and liberties of the individual being set and assured against the tyranny of the govt and the mob of mass.

    The second is a collective where society has the first rights and the individual is lost; hence the time after the French Revolution called the ‘Terrors.”

  3. Wish they had used a Sam Adams quote instead of Ayn Rand — since he said much the same thing. And perhaps added a few statistics as proof that prosperity in the US leads to greater prosperity worldwide. But I’m glad it’s “out there.”

    Our young people are being taught the evils of Capitalism and the evils of the US. Going to be difficult to undo what’s been done.

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