4 thoughts on “Andrew Klavan: Why Do Blacks Vote Democrat?

  1. Well, in fairness, JFK should have been mentioned as a democratic supporter of blacks in general and MLK jr in particular.

    That aside, Secretary Rice’s father tried to enrol in the Democratic party in Alabama. They wouldn’t enrol him, so he went to the Republican party who did enrol him. And Rice was accused by many other blacks as being a traitor to her race. (Try and figure that one out.)

    I got a big laugh out of the video, but in reality poor blacks and whites vote for the democrats because democrats promise them handouts. And Latinos vote for them because democrats say the will change the immigration laws.

  2. The blacks nowadays want want want. Like Obama stash. Free house kitchen & so. They forgot about working hard to get those things.

    Blacks were helping George Washington. You can notice it in the famous picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware.

    The Democrats don’t want them to know things like that. They also want to keep them uneducated. What a shame….

    They like most young people do need to listen to Glen Beck and Rush. You don’t have to go to collage to learn things.

    Love to learn our History.

  3. well done, about time more are addressing this, Glenn Beck has done excellent segments on black patriots and heroes. US public schools evidently seem to think Saul Alinsky and anti-capitalism is more important.

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