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  1. Teresa, this is a dream-come-true team and I will certainly support
    it. One thing worries me. With all our strong conservatives filling
    up these offices in the executive branch, who will be left in congress to fight for the right policies and lead the conservative base ? Which conservatives will be left to challenge Boehner ?

    1. Hi Lida — it is our belief that other Tea Party, strong conservatives are coming into office and others will rise if this team is put forward. Strength begets strength. Our player bench is deeper than we think. Boehner wouldn’t have a chance.

  2. I don’t know why reporters and investigators still, after 6 years, don’t get what and whom they are dealing with. The masses, those who reject tradition, religion, the Constitution,and America as an exceptional country, have been raised from the cradle to believe in the lies of people like Barack Obama. The only ones who are hanging on and who know he’s a Marxist dictator are those of us over 45 who were around before the communist takeover of the Democrat Party. We, at least, have the benefit of being raised by parents who were not products of the 1960’s.

    Ted Cruz is a non-starter. He may be fearless, he may be honest for a pol but he is not visual or audio inspiring–without that you ain’t goin’ nowhere. Sarah Palin would be great and should stay on the list.Dr. Ben Carson is an infiltrator who came on the national political stage with a speech just like Obama. His background and leftist statements have been well documented over at American Thinker. It’s hard to not be afraid to see what we must see and the truth is messy but no point in being in denial about him.

    Cain is great. He is staunchly conservative and has not veered from that path with leftist associations like Carson.

  3. Rand Paul is a non-starter. Forget about him. He’s not giving up the chance to be president. Instead I submit to you two alternates.

    Gary Johnson (Former Gov-NM) about as big a libertarian as you’ll get. Second only to Ron Paul.

    Mike Lee (R-UT) this fella is maybe not THE libertarian choice, but he legislates in a libertarian-friendly way. He’d be a great choice that would make both libertarians and republicans happy.

    1. We do have Mike Lee on the ticket and the ticket is fluid. This is how it stands right now, but can change:

      Suggestions for the Cruz Coalition:

      President – Ted Cruz
      Vice President – Allen West
      Advisor to President – Jim DeMint
      White House Counsel – Mark Levin
      Attorney General – Trey Gowdy
      Ambassador to the UN – No One
      Secretary of State – John Bolton
      Secretary of Treasury – Rand Paul
      Secretary of Defense – Jerry Boykin
      Secretary of Interior – Mike Lee
      Secretary of Agriculture – Tim Huelskamp
      Secretary of Commerce – Herman Cain
      Secretary of Labor – Scott Walker
      Secretary of Health and Human Services – Dr. Benjamin Carson
      Secretary of Transportation – David Vitter
      Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – Michele Bachmann
      Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs – Jim Inhofe
      Secretary of Homeland Security – Louie Gohmert
      Secretary of Education – David Barton
      Secretary of Energy – Sarah Palin

      1. I like the ticket. I like it put together in advance. Two concerns…

        Ted Cruz was born in Canada, not on a military base — and his father was not a citizen, so I am not sure he is eligible.

        A full ticket in advance gives the MSM press more to attack. They would distract from the main race by nit-picking the ticket. The MSM media after all is another arm of the progressive left traitor class.

  4. Did someone mention “Dream Ticket”? I think there would be a winner in every office with a ticket like this; and it would be a win/win for everyone (perhaps not so much for the elitist Progressives,i.e., hard-core left)!! Like others who have commented, the only person missing is Trey Gowdy, who I would vote for in a heartbeat (for ANY office!!)…I do like Jeff Schneider’s suggestion very much. HUZZAH ~ by Jove, we’ve got it nailed!!

  5. This is a fantastic start and we need to run with this! Let’s make black and white copies of this and stuff them in mail boxes all around the country! WE NEED A DIRECTION AND A GOAL TO GET BEHIND NOW! People are SO DEPRESSED, SCARED and FRUSTRATED and they need a MESSAGE TO UPLIFT THEM! 330 MILLION STRONG CAN TAKE OBAMA OUT AND INSTALL THIS ADMINISTRATION!


  6. This is it, Folks!
    Obama, Putin, the Chinese, Iran are a team that will use any means necessary to take down America including taking the lives, not just the liberty, of our loved ones.
    What will you do to demand that this Leadership Team declare itself now and get to work as a “shadow government” that pushes back every time the Progressives take us closer to the brink of “the final transformation”?

      1. Trey Gowdy as Attorney General and Mark Levin as Chief of Staff. Because Mr. Gowdy is a stickler for legal detail and will hold everyone to account. Mr. Levin would be C.of S. because Ted Cruz will need someone as irascible as Mark Levin to have his back because changing the culture in Washington is not going to be easy sailing!

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