Leftist Humala Wins in Peru – Another Domino Falls

Leftist former military man, Ollanta Humala, has won a narrow victory in Peru’s election.

Hugo Chavez and Comrade Ollanta Humala

Humala, a close ally of Venezuela’s communist leader Hugo Chavez. was immediately congratulated by several of Latin America’s other Marxist led governments, including, Bolivia, Brazil, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

From China’s Xinhua.net:

Leftist former military commander Ollanta Humala won Peru’s presidential election after a bitterly fought runoff with the daughter of imprisoned ex-President Alberto Fujimori.

According to official figures published by the National Office for Electoral Processes (ONPE) on Monday, with 96 percent of the vote counted, Humala won 51.54 percent, as against 48.45 percent for Keiko Fujimori.

Fujimori was quick to recognize Humala’s victory and conceded defeat.

“I recognize the triumph of Ollanta Humala. I salute his victory and wish him luck,” Fujimori said.

She also said she was ready to open a dialogue with Humala’s team to look for areas of cooperation to ensure national unity prevails in Peru.

Humala, who takes office in July for a five-year term until 2016, quickly got words of congratulations from across Latin America.

Heads of state from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua and Venezuela were among the first to congratulate Humala on winning the election.

This was the second time Humala ran for president in Peru after losing narrowly in 2006 to Alan Garcia in the second round of elections.

The Cuban/Brazilian/Venezuelan orchestrated “Red Tide” has now engulfed most of Latin America.

Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, even Chile, are all under threat.

From whence comes the counter-revolution?


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6 thoughts on “Leftist Humala Wins in Peru – Another Domino Falls

  1. Israel and America are not the only targets of those who aim to destroy all that is good; their reach and intent is global — and orchestrated. In Latin America this evil is planned and propagated by The Foro de Sao Paulo. A recent success of this organization was the election of Ollanta Humala to the presidency of Peru.

    Alejandro Pena-Esclusa in his “The Foro de Sao Paulo, A Threat to Freedom in Latin America” in 2009 clearly outlined the ideological threat in Latin America. Jose Kalosha in Latin America says that to understand the dangerous, ideological changes in Latin America it is time to reread it.

    In 1990 Lulu [Lula da Silva of Brazil] and [Fidel] Castro invited all the Latin American communist parties, terrorist groups, and radical organizations to form The Foro de Sao Paulo. The objective is politically to take over cities, states, departments, and nations by the ballot box in lieu of armed revolution. The FSP will support radical candidates financially and with political organizers. The formula is simple:

    –Mobilize the masses, the disenfranchised with promises of antipoverty agenda and promises of hope.

    –Project an image of moderation versus radical revolutionary.

    –Pretend to be a nationalist, a humanitarian and social progressive leftist.

  2. The good news is most leftists keep the people so stupid they seldom know which end is up.

    Sort of like what America’s government education is trying to do.

  3. @Kevinbysnider

    There is hope rising in each of these socialist led lands, all of the dictators and tyrants of the world understand in their worst of nightmares that their days are ultimatly numbered…they live on a set of borrowed time, and when the bill comes due, it shall be with speed and severity to them.

    I hope and pray the transferences of power will be done peacefully as the people strive for their freedom and liberty; they have seen in their own lives what America is now facing, the nightmare of not being free, where we are seeing ourselves losing the liberty and freedoms we have squandered.

  4. So Venuzuela has gained another ally within the South American sphere of socialism. The cause of freedom is going down, even as the people cry for freedom. The dream must still live, and those of us in America need to stand with them in this darkest of hours as the forces of tyranny are advancing across the globe.

    And yet, the dream of freedom and liberty still has hope of being alive wherever one person is willing to hold on to God and strive to do what is right and just in all ways.

  5. It is concerning that these countries have all gone to the Left. But Hopefully there will be a realization in Venezuela and the others that Leftist government just doesn’t work. Maybe when Castro dies that might help a little. It also will help once we get the Leftist in the White House out as well.

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