Communists, Islamists – Unite in Jordan

All over the Middle East, Europe, even the US, communist and Islamic groups are uniting against their common enemy – us.

From the Jordan Times

Former prime minister Ahmad Obeidat on Saturday announced the launch of a pro-reform political coalition that includes opposition parties and unionists to call for the “rule of law” in Jordan.

Constitutional amendments, government accountability, combating corruption, new economic policies, redefining the role of security agencies, judicial reforms, press freedoms and revisiting the education system are the main cornerstones of the newly established National Front for Reform (NFR), according to a statement released by the coalition…

The coalition includes the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the Jordanian Communist Party, the Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party (Wihda), the country’s two Baathist groups, the Jordanian People’s Democratic Party (Hashed), the Nation Party, the Social Left Movement and the Jordanian Women’s Union.

Other members include a handful of professional associations and trade unions, in addition to independent figures, Obeidat said…

The NFR is, predictably, strongly anti Israel.

The NFR statement concluded by reiterating the right of return for all Palestinian refugees and their grandchildren living in Jordan to their homes in historical Palestine.

“The existing and the coming Zionist threat is the main challenge targeting Jordan, as it has targeted Palestine,” said the statement.


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2 thoughts on “Communists, Islamists – Unite in Jordan

  1. If Israel falls, then we will be next. We are threatened by all of our long time enemies from without, and from those within who have gained power and are using their window to strike out at all of us to collapse the American system into a nightmare of socialism made into a reality.

    People need to understand, the fact is the world has changed and is in the time of changing yet again. We have a hostile admin against the people here at home and enemies sensing our weakness and the abandoning of Israel by our POTUS and his cronies.

    NOW is the time of greatest ability for the America we love and long for to shine, to be restored at home with honor and light from above and freedom and liberty shining from the hilltop across the world and time.

    WE need to also stand with Israel; each and every one of the citizens here at home. If Israel passes into the night, those of us who do nothing to wake others up and get the word out will be held as accountable for it as the administration is; along with those who attacked her in the first place.

    We have to chose, for what is right or expedient, and understand, if you decide to do nothing, then you already have chosen.

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