Breaking: Released Today: Civil War 2017, First Episode Of 5 Part “America Under Siege”

Hat Tip: Right Side News

“Civil War 2017” is the first episode in a five-part “America Under Siege” documentary web-series to be released over the course of 2017. Each episode will profile the influence of radical Marxists on various segments of American society.

They’ve fought to stop the inauguration…

They’re fighting to destroy our nation…

While 700,000 protesters are converging on Washington D.C. for Inauguration Day — in addition to anti-Trump rallies planned in dozens of cities across the country — the political groups behind the protests remain shrouded in mystery. As Fox News Channel first reported, Civil War 2017 uncovers an extensive network of neo-Marxist operatives coordinating highly disruptive and potentially violent protests from coast to coast.

Working with Dangerous Documentaries, director Judd Saul and conservative commentator Trevor Loudon have compiled a team of researchers and undercover operatives to probe the roots of the anti-Trump movement, highlighting the ultimate goals and ulterior motives. Mr. Loudon, a regular contributor to Glenn Beck’s online programming, is the foremost expert on the left-wing organizers of mass protests.


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2 thoughts on “Breaking: Released Today: Civil War 2017, First Episode Of 5 Part “America Under Siege”

  1. These ‘Leftists’ are committing treason to everything we, as Americans, stand for…….. They want to destroy our country, our way of life and the Constitution of the United States of America…….. They attempt to wrap themselves in ‘One World of Globalism’ flag for the benefit of mankind and the great humanitarianism this Globalism they profess will bring to the world as a whole…… They profess that we must sacrifice ‘some’ of our freedoms, but by doing so we will benefit with more security and harmony in a happier richer world of happier richer people who will love us……

  2. I just watched the first installment, and as with “The Enemies Within” the dynamic duo of Trevor Loudon and Judd Saul produce. How they procure the video that self-indicts the Leftists continues to amaze. Kudos too to the Capital Research Center.

    Evil’s machinations cannot long endure the light of day shone upon them, and Trevor, Judd and CRC continue to shine the light.

    In this they do great service on behalf of our nation, and the world!

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