8 thoughts on “Keith Ellison’s Loyalty Called Into Question

  1. what a bunch of racists… and anti-intellectuals. you can’t debate people openly, so you have to call them traitors for their ideas which you disagree with. you are about as un-democratic (small d) as people can be.

  2. Trevor your tweet button is down on your site , or it is not coming in to me. I tried to retweet this article and there is no
    tweet box.

    I don’t use facebook and it is the only choice I have??

    1. Hi True Patriot
      Thanks for the heads up on this – we are getting our tech team to look into it immediately.
      Blog Administrator

  3. McCarthy tried to warn us 50 yrs. ago about what is happening now before our eyes. We didn’t listen to him, and now it may be to late to survive.

    Our Founders said right at the beginning, “people get the kind of government they deserve”. It is not obama that is the problem in America, it is the brain dead Americans that put him there that is the problem. We have become rotten to the core and it is showing. A poisonous tree can only produce poisonous fruit.

    If people in this country prefer communism, they deserve to have it, complete with secret police, gulags, and firing squads. Our Founders said that “those who surrender their liberty for security deserve neither, and will lose both”. We didn’t listen to them either.

    Is this a great country or what?

  4. Similarly, the Great Pretender is probably a mole implementing a Comintern strategy of promoting global jihad for a global caliphate, in order to destroy western civilization, primarily the U.S. and Israel, whose fates are inextricably linked.

    Thereafter, the communist powers will take care of Islam by a richly deserved pogrom that will make the shoah look like a garden party.

  5. TAQIYYA is what she’s referring to — look it up. Also, visit her site — actforamerica.com.

    America is QUICKLY being ruined right before our eyes and it’s because our own government is AIDING OUR ENEMIES and destroying us from the INSIDE!

    If you want the TRUTH about what’s happing to our country, what’s really going on with our government representatives, then go to commieblaster.com NOW!

    There are MANY TRAITORS in our government and they are spending us into a hole that will BURY US ALL!

    Think about this… laws can be undone, but you CAN’T unspend money — once it’s gone it is GONE!

    We MUST look to God, the ONLY God, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, JESUS CHRIST, for our path to follow to SAVE AMERICA!!!

    1. God helps those who help themselves.

      Goethe said:

      Es ist nicht genug zu wissen
      Man muss auch anwenden;
      Es ist nicht genug zu wollen
      Man muss auch tun.

      Exhaustive impeachment hearings are long overdue. The Great Pretender fraudulently claims to be African American, but is neither; he is probably a mole bent upon the destruction of the land of his birth.

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