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WATCH: Trevor Loudon Exposes Security Risk Members of Congress #EnemiesWithin

Watch Trevor’s explosive videos on Reps. Andre Carson and Rosa DeLauro. Watch last week’s videos on Sen. Tim Kaine & Rep. Bobby Rush. This week…

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PLEASE SHARE! Trevor Loudon releases videos exposing security risks in Congress

New Zealand author, speaker and filmmaker Trevor Loudon is unveiling a powerful new project that will expose subversive elected officials using short 90-to-120 seconds-long documentaries to be…

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Get Your Democrat Hat!!!!

Order yours today, call: Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, Dickie Durbin, John Lewis, Maxine Waters, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren or the DNC….

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EXCLUSIVE: Keith Ellison’s student anti-capitalist and anti-police activism (video)

In the wake of communist-fueled anti-police sentiment resulting in relentless, brutal attacks on America’s law enforcement officials, a look at prospective DNC leader Keith Ellison‘s…

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Marxist/Muslim Axis: ‘Enemies Within’ Documentary Exposes Proposed DNC Chair Keith Ellison

Filmmaker Trevor Loudon’s new documentary The Enemies Within exposes the communist and radical Islamist background of the probable new leader of the Democratic Party. Keith Ellison,…

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Loudon’s “The Enemies Within”: Why Does Marxist Tim Carpenter Hang Around With So Many Congressmen and Senators?

Tim Carpenter is one of America’s most influential Marxists. He is the former leader of Orange County Democratic Socialists of America – then a Southern…

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Progressive Congressmen Gather to Plot Agenda: Alinsky Invoked

A major focus of this blog is to expose how radical and Marxist groups have huge influence on Democratic Party policy. One key transmission belt…

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The DNC Embraces Radical Islam

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques Well, the DNC is no longer just on the whacky edge. They have charged full bore (or…

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Rep. Keith Ellison: Failing America & Supporting Terrorist Front Groups?

NoisyRoom By: AJ Hat Tip: Patrick Poole at PJ Media Chris Fields and Keith Ellison – Candidates for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District How are the…

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Keith Ellison’s Loyalty Called Into Question

Brigitte Gabriel calls into question the loyalty of Muslim Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison. Apart from his religion, Ellison’s far left background should be more than…

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Radical Muslims, Environmentalists, and the Green Jihad

Gulag Bound Gulag Note: Mark Musser is tentatively our guest for the second time on Monday, May 2nd’s Gulag Night, to discuss this subject and…

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AFL-CIO Boss Rich Trumka Thanks Governor Scott Walker

On March 10 , AFL-CIO President  Richard Trumka  joined far left Reps. George Miller and Keith Ellison, “former” communist  Van Jones and pro socialist Los…

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