3 thoughts on “DeMint Warns Republicans They May Be ‘Gone’ if They Support Debt Ceiling Increase

  1. Yup. You got it. They’ll will be gone and if impeachm ent proceedings are not started, they will all be gone! Period.

  2. Do not raise the debt ceiling limit! Sen DeMint is correct. Any Republican who votes in favor of the debt ceiling limited will pay the price come the 2012 elections! Most of us do not believe a balanced budget amendment is any more than a joke! The Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial branches of this government do not abide by our “CONSTITUTION” now, so what would lead us to believe they will abide by another amendment. Cut spending, stop spending and if anything, lower the debt ceiling limit and to hell with Wall Street, Large Corporations, Financial Institutions, Unions, Non-Governmental Organizations, Free Trade and to hell with the rest of the world.

  3. DeMint is a good man! We need more of his ilk! I hope Republicans heed him for their sake and for the sake of the American people. Republicans must resist any liberal blandishments. Liberals are like children; they want, they want, they want. Yet, they have no concept of the reality of the real world. They have the faulty logic of children and need to be contained not catered to. ‘Big Daddy’ can’t afford everything. Like a father who will drop dead trying to satisfy all of his children’s wants, so too the USA will die under liberal Socialism.

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