Lord Monckton in New Zealand Exposing “Climate Change” Scam

This footage was shot in Whangarei, New Zealand on August the 6th, 2011.

The talk was hosted by Farmers of New Zealand. Footage shown was shot during the second hour.

The fourth video shown was filmed during question time, during which Lord Monckton answered a question from an audience member regarding supposed rising sea levels.


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9 thoughts on “Lord Monckton in New Zealand Exposing “Climate Change” Scam

  1. I’m amazed how many people still believe there’s Global Warming. Was it Franklyn Raines who through Fannie Mae bought the trading system? Why isn’t that investigated? Why would Fannie Mae buy the trading system — seems to be out their area (of course, so are houses)

    Why were there so many businesses signed on to this plan? I remember seeing twenty big names, like John Deere etc.

  2. Notice too, God didn’t say how old the Earth was at the time of his description. However, he did give times for the start of Creating Life.

  3. Lord Monckton of New Zealand speaks as Evolutionist and NOT as a

    By my study and understanding of the bible for past 25 years, the earth is only approximately 6,000 years old and NOT billions of years old as Mr. Monckton quotes it to be.

    If one bases their opinions on false facts, then ones conclusion will run amiss.

    One fact Mr. Monckton needs to know, is WHO created the earth and what His plan for life as we know it should be.

    Mr. Monckton needs to know His creator..The Lord Jesus Christ in order to come to a solid understanding of climate change, I think!

    1. There is obvious physical evidence that our planet is around 4 billion years old. God never recited a date of creation and there is no biblical context you can cite to date the planet. If you believe so, please provide your evidence. You are standing on mine.

    2. @Hill and Braun —

      In the matter of the creation of the earth and who created it, BOTH of you are on target from opposite sides of the same coin.

      In Genesis Chapter One it states in the first verse clearly:

      “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

      This acknowledged the Creator (God) of all.

      Now please note the breakdown of verse two in Genesis Ch One…

      “And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep…”

      Notice the breakdown of the second verse…

      A. Earth = without form and void.
      B. Earth = darkness upon the face of the deep.

      Looking at my knowledge of astronomy, science AND religion in one combination here I see one conclusion; the earth indeed is made by God in Genesis Ch 1:1 and in verse 2, we come across the earth as a smooth sphere of ice, exposed to the void of space.

      “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

      C. In this part, the Spirit of God settles upon waters, the face of the waters to be more specific. In the first part of the verse is given the ‘face of the deep.’ THAT is the waters of the world, the waters of the earth turned into smooth flows of ice that had come to enshroud the earth.

      What we see here is the fact that God is engaged in taking the earth out of cold storage (so to speak) and jumpstarting the act of creation.

      Look closely at the rest of creation week, as it declares the glory and authority that God has over His works.

      Science and religion are not mutually exclusive; they can exist together.

  4. Despite all of the admitions and proof regarding the foulacy of the so called ‘global warming’ groups we wind up with idiot groups and figrures who protest liek this:

    First a band of eco terrorists —

    Then Al Gore:

    Please look at both articles.

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