11 thoughts on “Fareed Zakaria Bemoans Americans Love of The Founders & Constitution As The Reason We Can’t Learn

  1. Why would anyone take seriously a fruity Muslim Indian,
    paid by George Soros, Time Inc. and other lesser known
    outfits, whom he serves loyally in furthering the decline
    of the USA? Anyone who is familiar
    with the Middle East could only be outraged from his
    long interview with the front man for the Muslim brotherhood.
    Lie a second, was unchallenged, either because Fareed is utterly clueless, or simply because it suits him to be nice with these guys, because they can find him where ever he is. If you were born to Islam, you know
    what not to do-dis or question it openly. This is no journalism, it is
    appeasement to Radical Islam. This is the guy considered at CNN to be an intellectual pillar, a successor to great many Harvard academics. The bad ideas he gave Obama are no different than the utter rubbish he spews weekly on his show and the trash he pens in various publications. he adds nothing to the conversation.

  2. Another progressive/communist/marxist/islamist that believes that a contract changes with the change of the definitions of the words in the contract. Why has Our Constitution lasted 230+ years? Why do other countries try to recreate our Constitution when they create theirs? Why do these copies fail in the end? The people that institute their copies, think the terms change by redefining the words that make up the document. Why are we having the crisis we are having now? The radicals like Fareed in their quest for power have confused the issues involving our Constitution and have convinced the population through ‘education’ (propaganda) that our Constitution is a “living document” that changes with the changing society. Our Constitution is a contract between We The People as represented through our sovereign States, establishing a limited government to Represent us as one Sovereign Nation. The clauses establishing this Nation have the original meaning (intent) that were embodied in the Document by the writers over 230 years ago. If changes are needed they provided for these changes to be implemented through a specific process. The Congress can not make these changes, if they could we would already be a oligarchy run by a Political Elite or a Dictator.

  3. It’s not the Constitution that is to blame for the chaos of today. It is jackass liberals like this man who think they know what is wrong with America and who have produced a runaway government. They are disloyal to this country and should go to where there is a government to their liking. They are dangerous imbeciles and need to be weeded out of America. They use the very Bill of Rights and the Constitution, which they abhor, to protect themselves from their “enlightened” infamy while they preach ant-americanism and seek to destroy what is AMERICA!

  4. It’s bad enough to be a Communist, but add to that a lying savage Muslim Brotherhood thug and that is the bottom of the barrel.

    Fareed is still stuck in the 7th century of madmen who savagely behead, stone, practice pedophilia, rape, murder you name it if it is evil.

    It would make sense that he is advising our Illegal Muslim Fraud hanging out in our WH.

    We need to send him packing back to the middle east to his herd of goats.

  5. It is time for the Constitutional “Posterity” for whom this country was founded, and to whom it rightfully belongs, stand up to these “hitchhikers” on our Ship of State, and reclaim our birthright.

    Both State and federal Constitutions begin using the legal “term of art” Ourselves and our Posterity. These are what the legal profession refers to as “words of limitation”, it means JUST US, NONE OTHER”.

    All “nations” are founded upon principles of “unity”, not “diversity” which is a divide and conquer stategy. A house divided against itself cannot stand; there is no strength in “diveristy”, it is a weakness. Our Founder’s recipe for this “nation” is found in the 2nd Federalist Paper.

    The 14th Amendment provides “non-posterity” immigrants with privileged access to our national “family”, adopting them into the mainstream “host” founding body politic. This country was not founded for them! They are here as a privileged guests in the house of the “Posterity” host, dependant upon our generousity, hospitality, and an Amendment (exception) made to the Law of our Land.

    They are allowed to come here only to become “Americans”, leaving their foreign baggage at the door on the way in. It is not their prerogotive to avail themselves of our hospitality and then demand that our founding principles be abandoned or abolished TO ACCOMODATE THEM and their foreign, alien customes and beliefs. THIS COUNTRY WAS NOT FOUNDED FOR THEM. That is why naturalized citizens must swear allegience to the US Constitution.

    Foreigners who do not approve of America should pack up and leave. This is not their country.

  6. this man is filled with absolute arrogance, thinking he is smarter than Thomas Jefferson or Adams or Madison … okay, I’m really being kind … he is a complete fool … who is in love with himself and his own interpretations …

  7. Letter to the editor of New Zeal, stop printing this worthless trash. The whole world already knows that whatever stupidity that falls out of the mouths of the Zombie hand puppets from CNBC,CNN FNC ABC and CBS is ALL Bull Shit. I would much rather read about anything else except this tired old useless trash. Why not say something like this, Obama’s personal attorney Quits representing Obama because he knows Obama is NOT an American citizen and knows it is impossible to protect the POTUS. Now that’s NEWS.

  8. Who is this person Fareed Zakaria? He looks like the person that cleans my sewers and toilet pipes. Is he knowledgeable about anything other than than crap?

  9. You gotta laugh, don’t you?

    Because of course the things he’s bashing have in many cases been created because of liberals tinkering with the system.

    The whole “why can’t we do best practice and learn from others” is a bit of a facepalm too. How exactly does he think the constitution came about in the first place?

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