Welcome To The New World, Post-October 7

By: Roger Aronoff | CCNS

It appears that after 45 days since Hamas declared war on Israel, with their depraved and heartless attack on Israel, there is about to be a break in the war. An agreement has been reached to exchange 150 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons for 50 hostages being held in Gaza, including at least three Americans. If the exchange goes according to plan, it could be extended beyond four days if at least 10 more Israeli and American hostages are released each day. But I am concerned that this could turn out badly for Israel.

It will be wonderful if these hostages – and all the rest of the hostages – are released soon, but Hamas is almost certainly going to attempt to manipulate and drag out the process to try to intensify world pressure on Israel to stop their effort to wipe out Hamas as a terrorist organization and a threat to Israel. If they give up all the hostages, they will no longer have their human shields, so that won’t be happening.

In the meantime, it’s as if we’ve collectively had one of those near-death experiences, where things long hidden and unspoken revealed themselves for all to see. And as the dust clears, new realities show up in starker terms than before.

We are at last seeing the effect of massive, largely unrestricted migration from North Africa and the Middle East into Europe over the last decade. Additionally, eight to 10 million migrants have crossed the southern U.S. border since the Biden administration came into power. Starting on day one, they reversed the policies, such as “remain in Mexico,” a border wall, and orders to Customs and Border Protection to arrest people and stop them from coming in rather than process them as fast as possible, usually without vetting of any type.

Who are all of these people demonstrating in support of Hamas, and lying about Israel occupying Gaza (they haven’t since 2005) or being an apartheid state? Just the usual leftist/Antifa crowd? Or have they been joined by a large Islamist influx who are leading the mobs and encouraged by our corrupt mainstream media.

Just today, there was a car explosion that killed the two men inside as it attempted to cross the Rainbow Bridge from the U.S. at Niagara Falls into Canada. “High level sources” told Fox News that it was an “attempted terrorist attack,” adding to the tensions of a near record size travel weekend across America. [Update: Nov. 23. Turns out that it was a man and woman in a Bentley leaving a casino in New York state, heading to a concert in Canada.]

The heinous, barbaric attack by Hamas into Israel killed 1,200 Israelis, dozens of Americans and hundreds of people taken hostage back into Gaza who are Israeli, American and in many cases dual national citizens. The hostages, two of whom have been found dead by Israel in the past week or so, include babies, grandmothers and others, revealing the shocking depravity of these Iranian backed jihadists.

Across the Western world we’ve seen a lot of support for the Israeli and American victims of the Hamas attack, and as has often been stated, it was the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. It would be hard to argue that these butchers are any better or different than the Nazis.

Yet across Western Europe and the U.S., including the United Nations, there has been an astonishing number of people prepared to identify with the Hamas terrorists. Some try to wrap themselves in being pro-Palestinian, not pro-Hamas or anti-Israel. But let’s face it, that is not the message intended or coming through. If they were pro-Palestinian they would urge Hamas to release the hostages and surrender, to end the suffering of the civilian population. Every death of every child and civilian in Gaza is on the hands of Hamas, and thus their sponsor, Iran.

What has shocked a lot of people is how deep the hatred of Israel is among many at the elite academies in the U.S.  Harvard, Yale, Columbia and more have faculty, student organizations and a lot of brainwashed, left-wing radicals who have no problem lining up in support of Hamas. It’s appalling.

It’s also fascinating and disturbing to see the two standards of justice at work. Beat up cops outside the DNC headquarters in Washington, deface the grounds around the White House, and nothing, virtually nothing from the police and FBI. The left, and that’s who they are, are free to commit crimes in BidenWorld. Rep. Rashida Tlaib was part of an effort to block Congress from doing its work, yet nothing was done to track down and arrest the perpetrators.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated in numerous interviews, Hamas is committing double war crimes: targeting civilians in Israel and using their population as human shields. And Israel goes to great lengths to avoid all civilian deaths, yet some collateral damage in that situation is inevitable. But those deaths are on Hamas, not on Israel.

Since the hospital bombing on Oct. 17, which turned out to be a Hamas missile that landed on the grounds of the hospital, not an “indiscriminate” Israeli bomb, there have been more than 65 attacks by Iran and their proxies against U.S. troops, bases and drones in the region, causing serious head and brain injuries to dozens of U.S. troops. That Oct. 17 bombing turned out to be a dark day in the history of the media as well, as many news organizations, and perhaps most notably the paper of record, The New York Times, quickly seized on Hamas’ account as truthful that it was an Israeli bomb and that 500 people in the hospital had been killed by it.

Knowing that and the fact that Iran is the master and supporter of Hamas, the Biden administration nevertheless last week granted further sanction waivers allowing Iran to collect an additional $10 billion. That’s on top of the $6 billion from a previous recent waiver, and more than $60 billion Iran has brought in because the Biden administration stopped enforcing sanctions, giving Iran the green light to sell oil to China. Maybe it has something to do with the nest of pro-Iranian members of Biden’s national security team, who have worked desperately to return to the 2015 JCPOA, the so-called Iran nuclear deal, which I have described for years as a “catastrophic hoax.”

While the Biden administration’s reaction has been to argue that these attacks had nothing to do with what was going on between Israel and Hamas, it’s obviously another lie from this administration. You know, like our southern border is secure; like Joe Biden knew nothing about his son’s business dealings with China and Ukraine; like his son Hunter never received money from China.

There is another media narrative that Israel has deprived Gaza of food, water and power. But they haven’t. For example 90% of drinking water in Gaza is sourced in Gaza, and 10% comes from three waterlines from Israel. One of those was damaged by Hamas on Oct. 7, and the other two were opened by Israel, supplying nearly 30 million liters of water per day. And of the 10 power lines that go from Israel into Hamas, nine were destroyed by Hamas during its initial attack, according to the IDF.

The Biden administration pretends that this war could end with a two-state solution, when in fact it is further away than ever. Even the Palestinian Authority, which controls the West Bank, has failed to condemn Hamas’ attack against Israel. The Palestinians have turned down a chance for an independent Palestinian state on at least a half dozen occasions since the 1930s. It won’t be happening any time soon.


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