2 thoughts on “Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey Says She is Very ‘Proud’ Of The Anti-Israel Activist Who Tried To Stop Netanyahu’s Speech To Congress

  1. Liberals are racists because they always insist that only white Westerners (including of course Da Joos) are intelligent enough to be blamed for being truly evil; their poor oppressed “People of Colour” pets (like the “swarthy” palestinian Arabs) just can’t help being violent troglodytes, so they always get a pass for their “holy” lies, robberies, tortures, slaveries, rapes & murders for allah! “Whee!”

    And of course they only Submit this nonsense as a cover for their cowardly treason – they support islam BECAUSE they know it’s the biggest threat, and, by supporting it, it’s threat will be immediately over – FOR THEM, anyway. They sacrifice our lives for theirs.

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