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By: Cliff Kincaid

I am pleased to report that we have posted my new analysis of the 2020 presidential election and how it has resulted in thousands of patriots being investigated by the FBI and hundreds of them imprisoned in America. It’s titled, Stolen Elections, Murder, Corruption and Deliverance, and paints an ugly picture of a communist “insurrection” in America. We are now living through a Communist revolution as the regime consolidates its power and attempts to imprison Donald J. Trump.

My report looks at the efforts of Dr. David Clements and the courageous conservatives in my home state of Maryland working to fix the broken system.

My report is based on a talk delivered by Dr. Clements, a former professor and deputy district attorney, who was joined at the local event by the mother of Ashli Babbitt, who was murdered by the Capitol Police. I go into detail about what happened to this military vet and Trump supporter.  It is a case of cold-blooded murder by the government.

I covered this issue on my YouTube channel, a  big reason why this social media platform proceeded to censor our 500 anti-communist videos. One charge was “Misinformation.” They said, “Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the U.S. 2020 presidential election is not allowed on YouTube.”

This censorship was then bolstered by constant claims that objecting to vote fraud was “election denial.”

We have not been able to get back on YouTube and we were defunded by a major conservative foundation. But a recent trip to Frederick County, Maryland, by Dr. David Clements, an expert on election fraud, gave me hope that efforts on the local and state level can help turn the tide.

His remarks at the showing of his film “Let My People Go” led me to write a report on what happened to America’s Survival, Inc., in the context of the hard evidence that the 2020 election was stolen. (Watch the film while it is still available on YouTube).

Ashli Babbitt’s mother Micki Witthoeft was in attendance for the film and other family members of J6 protesters were also in the audience.

Clements linked the stolen election of 2020 to the imprisonment of January 6 protesters, many of whom went into the Capitol with a police escort, not knowing at the time they were being set up by federal and FBI informants in the crowd.

He is shown in the film outside the Central Detention Facility (CDF), also referred to as the D.C. Jail and the D.C. Gulag. January 6 (J6) pre-trial detainees are imprisoned there. 

Clements does not make claims he can’t document or confirm. His analysis is quite different from that of Mike Lindell and his “Cyber Symposium,” where it was alleged that there was “absolute proof” of foreign-directed cyber-attacks on electronic voting machines. The source of that claim was very questionable.

This is not to say that cyber-attacks did not happen. A high-level report for the federal government by two computer experts was eventually released in June 2022, documenting that Dominion voting machines were susceptible to hacking. The Biden Administration had tried to keep it secret.  

Americans saw for themselves on election night how pauses in the counting led to Biden taking the lead over Trump in many critical states. This suggests illegal mail-in ballots or computer manipulations were used to change election totals from Trump to Biden. As proof, I have photographs in my report of how Republican election observers were excluded from a Detroit vote counting center surrounded by “security guards.” 

At the time of the “transition” from Trump to Biden in the White House, an outside Tea Party group spoke for many Americans when it took out a full-page ad in a Washington, D.C. newspaper calling for limited Martial Law to protect the vote. It cited Lincoln’s extraordinary actions to save the Union during the Civil War. I believe that Trump had the constitutional authority to remain in office and fight the fraud. But he gave up.

Now we are in another Civil War.

Which leaves Trump fighting for himself, his company, and his country in the mostly corrupt courts.  

My report looks at what you can do in your own state and county.

One Maryland resident, Kate Sullivan, is affiliated with United Sovereign Americans, a group currently working in 24 states representing 387 Electoral College votes, to ensure election integrity.

The group launched a lawsuit against the Maryland State Board of Elections “seeking an injunction against the use of “a provably broken voting system” for the 2024 election.

United Sovereign Americans intends to file in at least 23 more states, and seek a Supreme Court ruling before the 2024 election.

As for Clements, who travels around the country warning America about what has happened, he is not afraid to appeal for Divine guidance and intervention. We should join him as we support local activists and confront county and state officials about the need to guarantee free and fair elections.  

Send the report, Stolen Elections, Murder, Corruption and Deliverance, to your family and friends.


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