1 thought on “MYSTERIOUS: During The Financial Crisis, Nancy Pelosi Somehow Tripled Her Net Worth To $100 Million

  1. Simple answer. Pelosi is unethical, corrupt and a crook. I understand that her net work may now be well over 1 BILLION DOLLARS, yet she calls a $1000 bonus or tax refund “crumbs”.

    Well, maybe at her dinner table that amount of money as translated into “food” would be considered “crumbs”, but to the actual working class (which she never was a part of), that’s rent money, car payments, student loan payments, food for the family, medical bills paid, repairs to the house or car, books to read, a computer for learning, etc.

    Remember, Pelosi and her crooked husband tried to buy up a lot of closed Post Offices many years ago in a land speculation scheme that backfired on them. They were exposed as probably having “insider information” about business developments in the areas where the Post Offices were. Or was that another criminal scheme they were involved in?

    When Pelosi left the Albemarle and Lombard Streets “Little Italy” area of Baltimore and went to California, she changed into a conniving, unethical, power-mad class-warfare spouting haredin, and never left that persona. That is why she got elected to Congress out there – it was the “norm” for many California Democrats. They either became crooks, race-mongers or communists, sometimes all three at once.

    Hopefully what is left of her mind will soon retire from reality and she will be housed in some padded cell along with her millions with no place to go. America will then be a safer and saner country.

    Next on the list, Little Chucky Schmucky Schumer, the most politically corrupt man in New York, though Gov. Cuomo is vying for that title., followed by Comrade Castro-Wannabee Mayor DeBlasio.

    And by the way, none of them are poor. Only their constituents are poor and they want to keep it that way, except for their cronies who make Boss Tweed seem like a piker.

    As for any of them going to jail, “Forget it Jack (Nicholson), it’s New York” (or California).”

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