20 thoughts on “Must go viral in Iowa!!! New Ted Cruz Bio Video

  1. We can’t take this kind of chance. Better to choose someone who would not give us this problem. I stopped supporting Ted because of this and believe that it’s a fool’s errand to support him.

  2. Cruz is the only logical choice for conservatives. He has proven his honesty and consistency. He has stood up against Obama, the Democrats and the traitor GOP.
    He is as close to Reagan as we will ever get.
    God Bless Ted .

  3. Cruz: honesty, integrity, intelligence, articulate and determined.

    Five characteristics not see in GOP or Dem. leadership for decades.

  4. Hi John. ive met Rob Natelson and quizzed him on this issue. The intent of the founders was to elect only presidents loyal to the country and the constitution, Ted is easliy the best on those counts,,so he falls inside the spirit of the law. As to the fcts of the law, he is within the definition of elegibilty as it now stands and i think Alan grayson’s threat will go nowhere.

    IMHO Cruz is elegible both by the spirit and the letter of the law.

  5. If all these comments are true………then how is it that Obama is still
    in the WH? He certainly was not legally voted into the office…….Congress has done nothing to remove him even though he has declared himself to be a Muslim on air several times. Did not have an American father and has signed into law without consent of Congress or the Constitution, which he may not have given oath to, many illegal actions. Also, his entire past in America is hidden from the public and the authorities.

  6. And what no one who is a diehard Cruz supporter is willing to face is his eligibility problem. Trevor tried to address it months ago but did a poor job. The fact is that Robert Natelson is the top constitutional scholar in the nation and the Supreme Court refers to him when there is a question about original intent of the founders. The current Supreme Court refers to Natelson in their decisions more than anyone else. Natelson believes Cruz is not eligible and the Democrats have said they will bring a court challenge if Cruz is nominated. With the Supreme Court turning to this expert most, it seems that they’d most likely accept his interpretation as correct. So, then Cruz would be thrown out of the race and what would we do? We can’t take this kind of chance. Better to choose someone who would not give us this problem. I stopped supporting Ted because of this and believe that it’s a fool’s errand to support him.

  7. Can you help explain the things explained in this video Trevor? I heard you speak the other day your a good man. What do you think about this?

    1. Right off the bat, you are not telling the truth. Liberty University charges their students $10 if they miss convocation. That fine did not come from Ted Cruz himself.

      1. ok good to know, Im just like you asking these questions. How about his wife and the NAFTA connection/Goldman sacks big bank connection. I want to know what you all have found out?

          1. Just to clarify, I’m a Cruz supporter and the link I posted slams the big bank theory. Please read it.

          2. not seeing the “slam” as you put it. heres all i read “Another reason for this claim, is that Heidi Cruz works for Goldman Sachs. This claim is actually true. However, Ted Cruz is running for President, NOT Heidi Cruz.. so I fail to see the problem.” Actually the future possible first lady, the woman that is whispering into the possible future presidents ear could be a problem I would think. Dont get me wrong I like Ted but the Big problem right now in the US is majorly to blam because of the big banks and NAFTA. both which it is evident she has supported one way or another. So what are we left to think here?

  8. Excellent message. Unfortunately the America he has been talking about has been replaced by an after-market counterfeit model founded upon the post Civil War 14th Amendment.

    14th Amendment created “federal” citizens are government created “subjects”, the first in our history. These “subject” citizens are the “agent”, not “principal” in relation to government. The S. Ct. has told us in its elaborate treatise on citizenship the “subjects” have no rights but what government might choose to “grant” them.

    These government “grants” of constitutional privileges are founded in Civil Rights statutes; “civil rights” come from Congress, not God. “Civil rights” are derived from legislated acts, are dependent upon the outcome of a vote; are not unalienable and absolute as are the God given “natural” rights of the de-jure common-law citizens of the State, but are subject to revision or revocation after every election or change of whim of a temporary voting majority in Congress. “Civil rights” are whatever Congress decrees them to be, and in conformity to the legislated UN Declaration of Human rights.

    This country was not founded on statutory “civil rights”.

  9. I’ve admired Ted Cruz as a principled fighter for the rights of all Americans for a few years now. As this election process and vetting continues, my instincts about him couldn’t have been more spot on. I will be proud the day I can cast my vote for him and more proud on his inauguration. Ted is the real deal.

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