Apologetic Anthony Weiner Continues to Harm the U.S. like a Good Progressive

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

Today, as Rep. Anthony Weiner extended his ongoing series of confessions to lying about his own Twitter posting of his salacious photos, he attempted to save what thus seems most important to him, his political career. He still refuses to resign from public office. When we sin, the last thing we want is to be alienated from the god we worship.

Rep. Weiner’s chosen .gov photo

Meanwhile, the progressive movement is deeply disturbed by the Weiner fiasco, not because of the problem of corrupt character, nor the yet deeper corruption of denial of the same, but because Weiner served as their point man in the effort to smear Justice Clarence Thomas (and any other conservative Supreme Court justice) with whatever they may spout, to influence them to resign or be impeached — or perhaps to intimidate, or at least besmirch them.

And now, for the first time in my own recollection, it appears the Democratic Party will be forced to admit to something those neo-Marxist progressives are desperate to deny — that matters of sin and corruption are matters of overall character, one matter bleeding into another — and especially that personal responsibility is necessary in all phases of one’s own life, or society suffers our personal putrification by the law of sin and death.

One must understand that personal sin and personal salvation are the chief issues in each man’s life and not, as the words of Barack Obama deceive, “collective salvation.” We are not our “brother’s keeper,” a snide quip at God from the murderous Cain. We are our own person’s sole manager, required to stand before God to give an account and we will either directly accept His own personal righteousness, at His own very personal cost, or we shall fail, any of our flaws cracking and breaking our whole.

Progressive libertarians may not be forced to deal with this via Weiner’s behavior, but at least progressive statists now have that egg of truth on their faces. They, with Weiner will go kicking and screaming, or more likely, they will go as quietly as possible, down the path of pressuring him to resign. And they will either have him go or they will go down significantly, with him. Oddly, this may hurt them more, now, than previously at the hands, tongue, and other organs of President William Jefferson Clinton. Please don’t ask me why.

Shortly before today’s Weiner mea culpa, Andrew Breitbart once again committed common sense, pointing out that Weiner’s behavior causes him to be vulnerable in principle and in general practice, to blackmail. Bad behavior, followed by lies and cover-up are the signature of one who may be manipulated in his corruption by corrupt others, as they seek greater corrupt power over us all.

But the representative Anthony Weiner today? While he apologized profusely for lying about his “frivolous” behavior, he offered sheepishly what has now become a mantra of the progressives, “…nothing about this should reflect upon my official duties, nor my oath of office.”


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2 thoughts on “Apologetic Anthony Weiner Continues to Harm the U.S. like a Good Progressive

  1. Amen, Arlen and William. It seems that it’s all coming apart now over there. We know the truth, and they will no longer be able to hide. Breitbart definitely deserves credit for cracking this thing wide open. It’s unfortunate that the double standards present in our current society allow bull like this to happen, ESPECIALLY considering that just months ago, a Republican representative was forced into resignation when a similar photo was leaked.

    I cannot wait for the day when we send this boneheaded libtard packing with his tail between his legs. Him, and that other bonehead in the Oval Office. And his boneheaded allies. And so on…

  2. He has admitted to being the culpred in this case; he needs to now resign the position he occupies, having forfeited any and all claim to mercy in the matter…he lied, covered up and distorted facts so he could try to get away with it.

    Even this probe of ethical violations the democratic leader Pelosi is calling for will be nothing more than a smokescreen. They will find him clear across the board, or at worse, give him a slap on the wrist. No other action will be done to him, and yet their own hypocrisy shows and will again show, that if this had been a right wing member having done it, they would have howled for his own immediate resignation and criminal charges.

    Nothing, repeat, nothing will be done to him at all.

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