WATCH: ACLU’s Faiz Shakir Criticizes Trump for over-using word ‘America,’ says it’s ‘Exclusionary’

Faiz Shakir

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is incredibly partisan, so it is no surprise that they would hire Faiz Shakir as their national political director. One of the founders of Soros-Funded, Faiz Shakir used to work for both Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid, where he helped to “wage key fights on behalf of the LGBT and Muslim American communities,” according to his ACLU biography.

Faiz Shakir was offended that President Trump said the word “America” 82 times during the State of the Union Address this week. Shakir claims that Trump’s usage of the word was “exclusionary.”

While the ACLU laughingly refers to itself as “non-partisan,” they are literally attempting to lead a “grassroots” movement against President Trump on numerous fronts. Using their vast resources, the ACLU held an event at the University of Miami campus in March which was live-streamed across America, where 200,000 people reportedly “signed up to attend one of an estimated 2,000 local events.”

Additionally, the ACLU created an “organizing platform” called Mr. Offended-Over-America Faiz Shakir was quoted as advocating for “freedom cities” that would resist President Trump by passing local legislation countering federal legislation.

Faiz Shakir also worked for the Center for American Progress, which was founded by John Podesta and, of course, is funded by George Soros.

In August 2011, Faiz Shakir wrote a 138-page report for the Center for American Progress titled Fear, Inc. The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America with chapters named “Donors to the Islamophobia network,” “The Islamophobia misinformation experts,” “The grassroots organizations and the religious right,” “The right-wing media enablers of anti-Islam propaganda,” and “The political players.”

Here is Faiz on Twitter blasting the State of the Union Address:

Read more about Faiz Shakir on KeyWiki.


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6 thoughts on “WATCH: ACLU’s Faiz Shakir Criticizes Trump for over-using word ‘America,’ says it’s ‘Exclusionary’

  1. Faiz and his comrades at CAP have met their match. We the people who supported Trump since June, 2015 when he dared to tell the truth are sick and tired of these commie low-lifes. Their lies are so -yawn- tiresome.

  2. Looks like Mr. Shakir should rename his organization from the American Civil Liberties Union to the “Anti-American Civil Liberties Union”.

    With his far-left, Soros-tied background, he couldn’t get a security clearance to clean the toilets at the Capital, if the FBI was doing its job properly. The same for the Secret Service and Capitol Police.

    The “times they are achanging” for the better so the FAKE CIVIL LIBERTIES LEFTIST MOB had better watch out. Their “collusion” with the communist/Marxist and Moslem extremist groups inside America will now be watched more than ever.

    It is time that the numerous Marxist and anti-American Islamic, Black, Anarchist and Hispanic extremists groups get a good congressional scrutiny, and this included the various Marxist/communist legal fronts and support groups.

  3. I want to know why George Soros is still allowed to interfere and disrupt our elections and fund obviously Communist groups, who pretend to be “Progressive think tanks”??? Soros, the ACLU, and Progressive groups are all a menace to our society! We MUST unite as much, or more, than these crazy Communists do, and squelch their anti-American ideas and propaganda, before it’s too late!

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