5 thoughts on “Andrew Breitbart at the Right Online Conference 2011

  1. I, too, was at the ‘Right Online’ conference. The speech was an excellent segue to the documentary, entitled, ‘Undefeated.’

    AFP hosted a phenomenal event for those committed to effectively promoting genuine conservative principles. If you count yourself among this growing army, I recommend you contact your local/state AFP office to learn about the 2012 event; it is only the most important Presidential election year since the Civil War!

    The speakers were excellent and I hope you can post Michele Bachmann’s, Ken Cuccinelli’s, Jim Hoft’s speeches. I’m leaning, evermore, towards a Bachmann-West ticket, Mr. Cuccinelli adroitly addressed the barrage of illegal actions by the Obama confederacy and Mr. Hoft can inspire all of us to step to the plate and expose the rogue actions of those who are intent upon Europeanizing our country. My ancestry is Scot, Irish and German, but I am an American! If European socialism is so darned appealing, why don’t these weasels move there, and let us return to American exceptionalism?

  2. I was at the conference and heard the speech live. It was outstanding. If we could only get more people to hear our conservative message, I truly believe that we could turn this country around– at least economically.

    1. You’d better figure out a way to PERSONALLY help people hear our conservative message. It’s the only way. Come out of your comfort zone with the rest of us and speak your mind, damn the consequences. Start today. Be as politically incorrect, politely & firmly, as you possibly can. Be prepared to lose a few ‘friends’ on the journey. There is no freedom like the freedom of speaking your mind no matter what anyone else thinks or says. Do it. It’s the only way we will win. Be brave – it’s hard at first but after the first few times, it’s so liberating it is truly amazing. God bless and good luck.

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