Treason? Obama’s Plans to Disarm America

President Barack Obama‘s nomination for US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, is a board member of the far left, resolutely anti-military Ploughshares Fund.

Ploughshares Fund, board members page
Ploughshares Fund, board members page

Here Joe Cirincione, President of the Ploughshares Fund and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, applauds Obama’s commitment to the total destruction of the United States nuclear arsenal.

Cirincione also praises another leftist former GOP Senator, Dick Lugar, for his reprehensible role in the disarming of America.

The Obama Administration’s number one priority is the destruction of US defensive capability. If this is allowed to occur, the United States and indeed the entire West, will be at the mercy of the combined military might of Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, radical Islam and all of their growing army of allies.

Of course, all these sworn enemies of the United States would never use that overwhelming advantage to obliterate a disarmed America would they? And the Lion is about to lie down with the Lamb?

If Obama succeeds and America loses its military edge over its enemies, there is very little chance of recovery. A military rebuild would take many years with a healthy economy. How long might it take after Obama has wreaked four more years of economic havoc? Where is the infrastructure, the skill base?

When they finally have America just where they want her, will the rulers of Russia, China and Iran sit on their hands and allow the Unites States to slowly rebuild its military?

Are the tyrants of Moscow, Beijing and Tehran that stupid?

Or will they use this Obama-given opportunity to take the United States out of contention once and for all?

If you were a heavily armed anti-American dictator, with a large pool of young men you wanted to get rid of, an overcrowded country and a very comfortable deep underground bunker that could easily survive some minimal nuclear retaliation, what would you do?

This is THE issue that Americans should be most worried about.

Obama’s second term will damage the US economy and diminish American’s freedoms. But America can recover from all that. What Americans may not survive is the destruction of their military superiority. That will put America at the mercy of its numerous enemies. That will put millions of lives and the physical survival of the entire country at risk. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

To quote Shakespeare, from The Tempest:

Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”



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25 thoughts on “Treason? Obama’s Plans to Disarm America

  1. It is sad, but we as Americans are stupid, that is why we are troubled now. All of you who read on sites like this, are the only ones in the know, the ones who voted for him only read the headlines in the news and are ok with their decision and will do it again if given the chance. Truly and sadly it isnt even the population it is the electoral college that elected him, it is a very small, bought and paid for, minority that put him back into the office. To fix the problem we need to fix the real problem, and update the way we elect our leaders, What worked 200 some years ago does not work today… Help is an understatment

    1. The Torah is the Creator’s handbook or manaul for how Jews, –and only Jews, by the way, are to behave (the seven laws of Noah are the manaul for the rest of mankind).When someone murders, and there are reliable witnesses–at least 2 the murderer must be put to death. In most countries, courts are no way as stringent as the Jewish courts were ordered to be.That is why innocents are put to death by a civil court (we’re not even getting into political courts here).A country at war, and Israel is at war, must protect itself. If any Arab sees that he can murder men women and children and then be released again and again, doesn’t it make sense, even to the most liberal, that the death penalty is necessary?I’ve lived on two borders of Israel in my time, (now I live in small town in the north), and we were fired upon again and again, and nothing was ever in the news here (or abroad) unless someone was killed. You have no idea how much murderous aggression Israelis have to suffer if you don’t read the Israeli papers–now conveniently in English.When we are talking about civilian crime, we have to realize that there are many many factors involved in ‘evidence’ one way or another about results of capital punishment. If it is arbitrary and one race is over-represented, if there are gross differences in how the poor and the rich are sentenced, etc then ‘evidence’ is likely to be misleading–and of course innocents will be murdered by the state and criminals will be set free. In a place like the United States, where people can easily be turned into hysterical mobs–north and south (check out your history if this sounds strange to you), there is no place for capital punishment. But Israel is very different from America, and cannot be considered in the same framework.


  3. first off, let’s put the blame where it belongs. the blame for our current state of affairs does lot lie with obama, or the democrats, or the lawyers, or with washington. it lies with us, for we are the people. we have abandoned our responsibilities and we no longer demand others tow the line. we are conditioned to be afraid. if someone gets out of line we the people shrink from the challenge the instant the left throws certain words at us. for instance, noone dare criticize the black hoodlum gangs attacking whites for fear of being called racist. you fail to protect our borders by demanding action to close them. many thousands of us have but to load up our vehicles and head to arizona and texas and put a stop to the illegals but so far only a few dozen have made the trek. we scream about high taxes yet we still pay them. we see our children molested in our schools and playgrounds yet we allow it. we scream about the war on drugs yet no one really cares if its only a little pot or alcohol our kids are consuming. we say the law is for everybody then we allow a man who still can’t prove his nationality be elected twice as president. the very man now about to take our most sacred freedom, for without the right to protect oneself, all other rights cease to exist. people, it is up to you, each and every one of you, to stand up at this critical time in our country’s history and decide now, once and for all, are we slaves or are we free men? look in the mirror and decide now, this day, whether you breathe free air or you wear the heavy chains of oppression.

  4. There was a NY TIMES OP-ED by John Howard on how he disarmed Australia, with suggestions for Obama.
    btw – what is the gun situation in NZ ?

  5. The quote “Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason“. is actually from an English writer (and inventor of the flushing toilet) Sir John Harrington (1561–1612) – I use it on my youtube channel.

  6. Blatant Tyranny…..

    lets get all the firearm, ammo, distributors & equipment sales Refuse To Sell to All LEO, PD’s & Govt Agencies!

    Pass the word!

    1. This is treason, the reason our forefathers put the right to bare arms in the CONSTITUTION OF THE YOU UNITED STATES OF AMERICAM, was to protect the people from a corrupt government , wich we now have, its a government for the government by the government, and their individual private intrest…………… Think Dick Cheney and HALIBURTIN, big multi billion dollar busineses that controll government, (,senators, congress, state reps, even the guy you vote for, ) their not there to help you, their there to help them selves, worse than a kid in a candy store, its like getting every toy you ever wanted out of the Sears and Robucks catalog every year for your entire childhoo…………

      WOW i got cut off while i was writting, big brother must be watching…………. Im not scared im no ratical, just an AMERICAN, trying to get buy, if i broke the law my name is Ed Wojtkowski.

      1. And just one more thing my father escaped the Nazi occupation of Poland in 1942 and came to America to be free of tyranny, and was proud of that ,everyday of his life…… He died January 3rd 2013, although life was not easy for us because of his experiencing the horrors of was, i respect all that he gave us………

  7. Treason. Yes. But what is so disgusting is that there are very few Congressman/Congresswomen with the courage to stand up to him.

    What is really sad, is that the radicals are in our school systems and we will lose many generations before anything can be done about it. I believe our republic is done for.

    Rick Holloway

  8. If you REALLY want to know what is going on. read Joyce Malcolm “Guns and Violence”. Chapter 5. What Cuomo and the rest are doing is right out of the Blackwell Committee of 1918, and its support in the House of Lords. Naturally they claimed that a huge crime wave existed. There was no crime wave. They said “if it saves one life”. All must keep records. It was now up to the Police who gets to have a gun.
    It was passed at 10:49 pm – at night, with a few minutes before adjourning. Only a handful were given the bill to read. (sound familiar). They claimed that you have elections and Parliament and courts, and thus NO NEED for weapons. Thus a RIGHT became a PRIVILIGE – at the WHIM of the Home Office and the police. Then the Home Office sent CLASSIFIED directives to police chiefs about who can have weapons. Are you getting the picture ?
    Actually, one reason they wanted the law was to deal with Labor unrest. It was also done INCREMENTALLY. First get the law. Then say it needs to be ‘improved’, until you get what you have today – you can’t even defend yourself in your own home. Whose side are they on, anyway ? And BOTH sides were doing it. On page 135: “The protection not of natural rights but of social and political ORDER – equated with the state itself – was elevated into law’s primary objective.”
    So. Everything these creeps are doing is Right Out Of the English Playbook. This is the socalled PROGRESSIVE agenda. You see it all over comments at Lib websites. The same arguments, the same rhetoric, the same propaganda, the same legal malarkey, and the same desire to DISARM the people. That is why they do not have any respect for the Constitution.
    My suggestion is that Nadler, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Silver and Cuomo all should be DEPORTED to England so they can live with the conseqences

  9. It’s sad that you even have to write this; that we would twice elect someone who is destroying us at breakneck speed. Sadder still that we seemingly have no one in Washington willing to stop the madness.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! What the answer is is an elusive thing. All freedom and liberty loving Americans need to get off our rear ends and stand up to the political machines of both parties.

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