Obama Says will Take More than One Term to Destroy USA

By: Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound

As Obama and his Leninists continue to denigrate and rule over the USA and the American people, the Republican latent-integrity “go along to get along” electees — led by chief lame-pony John Boehner — continue to protect the Usurper-and-Dictator-in-Chief. After pretense upon pretense of shock as to how far the Obama syndicate has already taken the country into ruin, the wimpy “I sold my soul, how about you? And how much did you charge?” crowd of faux GOP-ers continue to vote with and for the tyrant.

The bogus budget battle was the strongest clue that the GOP joined the Marxist Party in no longer being in favor of continuing the United States of America as a free and solvent country. That which was a big disappointment at a $38.5 Billion cut in spending turned into a slap in the face when it was realized that the number had been faked and the real ‘cuts’ dropped to $14.7 in discretionary spending and some reports are that they were barely over $300 millions. In other words, no one in Congress had any intention of doing any spending cuts at all.

Photo from the new NObama Gas Pump Campaign

Our gas prices are currently over $4.00/gallon nationally and there is every indication (due to Obama’s intentions) that they will be at between $5-7.00/gallon soon. The tyrant is, also, still trying to find loopholes in order to saddle us with electric energy prices that “will necessarily skyrocket” as he promised us they would.

Obama is still convinced it will take him another term to complete his planned but, still unfulfilled chaos amidst the American public so that their lives, homes, work, God, country and all else they hold dear will be completely and utterly destroyed… with no chance of ever returning. If it were not so, we would be drilling for oil in our own country and not funding Brazil and other countries’ drilling programs. If it were not so, we would not be experiencing the worst power grab in our history by the now-rulers of what was once We-the-People’s country. And, if it was a lie, we would not be losing multiple freedoms on an almost daily basis.

Prior to the 2008 general election, I wrote a column titled “Is the USA Ready for an American Stalin?” Tragically, it was far more prescient that I had thought. Each day under Obama and his go along to get along Congress brings us closer and closer to the old USSR. A USSR that had Stalin destroying food so that people would starve to death and the population would be reduced. People stood in line for hours and sometimes days for a loaf of bread. A smaller population is easier to suppress. The Russian people were virtual prisoners within the USSR and completely at the mercy of the Communist rulers who lived large and well while the people starved or froze to death. An immobile population is easier to contain.

For those of you too young to remember, the above actually happened in old Soviet Russia… the by design plan for the creation of the elite “haves” and the peasant (proletariat) “have-nots.” And, it is beginning to happen here in the United States of America. As instructed by his mentors Saul Alinsky and George Soros, Obama is working very hard every day to wipe out the middle-class in America.

Traditionally, the middle-class in the USA has been better educated and had a sizable amount of ‘disposable’ wealth. However, over the last few decades, the Left has decimated our once-model educational system and replaced it with indoctrination and ’feel-good’ non academics. And Obama has now destroyed more jobs in his first two years in office than even his dyed-in-the-wool Communist and radical Islamist supporters could have possibly dreamt. Destruction of the free market is his intention and he has already–with virtually not a peep from Congress–seized business after business under the guise of ’saving them’. Obama now plans to go after American citizens’ money and, via his Socialist agenda, plans to take over all private IRA and retirement programs. With no one in Congress sounding like even a faint whisper of a leader, we’re on our own.

Given even half a chance, Obama will destroy the USA so that it has no chance of ever returning as a free nation. It is what he was hired to do; not by us but, by others. We are being destroyed from within by treason and Obama has already completed almost ¾ of his mission. Are there any leaders out there willing to step forward to help We-the-People save their and our country and loved ones? Any?

If you haven’t already begun, now might be the right time to begin holding real survival-for-ourselves-and-our-country meetings within your neighborhoods. Planning sessions as to ‘who will do what’ in specific instances are strongly recommended. As We-the-People were in 1776, we are today… on our own.


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11 thoughts on “Obama Says will Take More than One Term to Destroy USA

  1. Common Sense will show that a person does no run to “destroy a nation” his handlers do, but what do racists know. oh, they know how to twist history in their lily white favor!

    Amazing how folks now try and blame all the problems Bush Economics created on Obama.

    Problem is the gap between the rich and the poor and the elimination of the middle class

  2. People. You have to remember. The folks who utter the nonsense take their cues from the likes of Glenn Beck. It’s ironic that the same people who were talking as Obama as the messiah, have taken the most Partisan of Hacks as their personal saviour, and any criticism, for which there’s a mountain of options to pick from, about the man is deemed blasphemy. Or that “you can’t handle Glenn’s truth” funny business.

    If America isn’t a smouldering ruin at the end of 2012, every single person who claimed Obama would destroy America has some crow to eat. If America isn’t a socialist bastion, crow must be eaten. Of course, I can already hear the yeah-butt’s and the prediction that when Obama is re-elected then he will destroy America and bring socialism. Dear Zeus, just writing this makes me pity the fools.

    In 2012 ask yourself, was America in better shape at the end of 2008 as it is now?

    The same people who consider Bush a better president than Obama, they should ask themselves, was America in better shape in 2000 than at the end of 2008?

    And finally, the loonacy of these backward fellers becomes apparent if you look at their claims. When ‘Bama bipartisanely adopts policies from Bush because otherwise the footstomping, small businessprotecting, teary-eyed repubs will moan: “No fair! Losing the election should be more fun!” he’s a black Bush, all the other times he’s Marx reincarnated. When people during Bush complained, they were told “suck it up, you get another chance the next election”. Not anymore. Nope. When the sucking up is on the other foot, it’s tyranny.

    Oh well. The plus-side is that the way these people demand to be taken seriously and have the gall to claim to speak for all Americans is bitter sweet comedy. Maybe it would be best when Obama was not re-elected. I mean, it’s fun to behold and everything, but does the pleasure I get from these quarter-wits weigh up to the fact they may not be capable of handling another defeat in the election and the resulting 4 more years of gnashing of teeth and wailing about destruction and the death of the American way. Healthcare costs would go up in the ulcer and heart-failure departments. The real Patriotic Americans may be too weak to handle that kind of set back.

    I mean, Obama losing the election would mean you have 4 years of threads you can use against them when the tables are turned. I do admit to looking forward to test the consistency of their convictions and their excuses how “this is completely different”. Good times either way.

  3. This article is “Exactly” right. I have also looked at the “bigger
    picture in trying to see what Obama IS doing to America and so far, it all adds up, when connecting the dots. He is doing what he is as a “DELIBERATE and PLANNED DEMISE FOR AMERICA” – My question is
    – WHO and HOW is this Fraud going to BE STOPPED? Where ARE our leaders with some backbone, in stepping in to stop this fraud and his corrupt regime and their plans to destroy our Republic? WHERE ARE THEY- WHY IS HE NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE-ARE PEOPLE ASLEEP? IS HE NOT AN ‘ENEMY TO AMERICA, WHO LIED WHEN HE TOOK AN OATH TO PROTECT AMERICA FROM ENEMIES, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC’ –

    If our SCOTUS, FBI, CIA, etc. DON’T act soon, then he will succeed in bringing America down to her knees and destroying our once great nation. WHERE ARE OUR POLITICAL FIGURES, WHO ALSO HAVE TO CARE ABOUT AMERICA AND WHAT HE IS DOING TO DESTROY HER? I BEG THOSE WHO
    ARE ABLE TO START IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS TO DO SO “NOW”- BEFORE OBAMA AND THIS REGIME THAT INCLUDES THE LEFTOVER 60’S HIPPIE RADICALS THAT WERE ANTI AMERICAN THEN/NOW, GEORGE SOROS(who has wanted to bring America down financially for over 40 years), Andy Stern, the Radicals like Rev.Wright who are Marxists, Van Jones the communist Obama appointed to be a czar in OUR Whitehoue, and ALL the
    rest of his Terrorist Friends like Wm.Ayres/Wife, etc.



  4. Obama says it will take more than 1 term to destroy America. Lies, lies, and more lies. We already know the real truth. Out of his own mouth he’s said before he didn’t care if he was a one term president. He’s trying to destroy our country in 1 term, it’s obvious.

  5. A lot of folks for what ever reason have a disstaste for “Trump”, however they need to listen to what he is saying and decide whether they agree with his word or his personna.Because I havent heard any words from the left or the right that I like when it comes to solving this grave situation that faces the U.S. and the world.The only words that come close come from “Trump”

  6. Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/queens/queens_turban_warfare_z38HYmJCnTjRUHNStsdYBM#ixzz1Kbmjar68

    A holy war erupted yesterday at a Sikh temple in Queens — where worshippers wielding swords and cricket bats interrupted a prayer session to attack their rivals in a vicious power struggle, police and witnesses said.
    Rival factions at the Baba Makhan Shah Lobana Sikh Center in South Richmond Hill have been bickering for months over control, authorities and members said.
    Swords swing wildly chopping at flesh in an Islamic frenzy. Blood squirts in pulsating streams that grow weaker as the victim bleeds out. These are the friendly games of the new immigrants to the US, sub human types that eat the heart of their victim and draw welfare checks from the government.
    As crazy as these sounds, these violent and once desert nomads are protected by the Obama regime because they are refugees from religious persecution. There are many strange linkages to Obama that at first look, appear to be a coincidence but in reality are parts of a bigger conspiracy involving Obama and his henchmen. The rapid influx of passive appearing Muslims seeking refuge from persecution are the first stages of am Islamic army being assembled under the sleeping eyes of the FBI.
    Some come here via the State Department assistance programs, others enter from tunnels under the border of Mexico, and more walk across the Canadian border UN challenged by the Border patrol. These “sleeper” agents of the Muslim Brotherhood are awaiting the order to begin their attacks upon Washington, and within communities and city governments throughout America. They will deploy Atomic and Chemical weapons, poisoning the municipal water supplies, simultaneously and synchronized with other cells all across the US. They will have infiltrated law enforcement, hospitals, manufacturing, telecommunications and other critical agencies many years ago, and have been become leaders, managers and heads of departments in these places. Upon activation, they will destroy these agencies from within, rendering hospitals, police and fire departments useless and ineffective when they are needed the most.
    These sleeper cells consist of families, including children and the elderly, who led quiet lives as good Muslims in their communities. Obama is part of this conspiracy, having been indoctrinated when he was a small boy by his grandfather and mother. Obama’s travels to the Islamic countries early in his presidency and the speeches he gave telling the world that the USA is Muslim country was a coded message to the Muslim brotherhood telling them that he would soon facilitate their planned overthrows of the governments of Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.
    As Obama plays games with the Republicans in the House, he continues to bleed the treasury and grow the debt, hoping to push the US over the edge into insolvency. Obama’s plan is to insure the debt crises, high unemployment, food and material shortages, devaluation of the dollar, all occur together simultaneously with a devastating natural weather event, earthquake, epidemic, and a “false flag” civilian riot and attempted overthrow of Obama’s regime. The congruence of these events will be multiplied when the Islamic sleeper cells activate and sow chaos rendering the agencies ineffective that would normally respond with assistance to civilians in need.
    While the US is melting down, critically important leadership in Military, Congress, and Academia will be assonated by Muslim Brotherhood hit teams. In a few short weeks, the US will be transformed into an Islamic Dictatorship, a Fascist Regime with Shari a law as its constitution. For a few months the newly formed “United Federation and States of the New Islamic Order,” otherwise called UFASNIO will lead the Worldwide Islamic Revolution, and it’s feverish march east, only to be stopped by a military alliance of Soviet Russia and Communist China.
    The US will have lost all of its educators, doctors, Industrialists, scientists and Military Commanders in a “cleansing” led by the Islamic clerics, in a Holocaust. This once great industrial nation will revert back to an existence living similar to the 1700’s period of early America.
    Is such a course of events possible, or is this the writings of someone who has drank too much of his parties Tea, and is easily influenced by a right wing conspiracy of Patriots, Citizen’s, and Gun owners who believe in God ?

  7. Nancy, do not give up hope, we still must procede with peaceful means until there is no other choice left. The Almighty is on the side of Americas people, and will aid us as long as we hold onto faith with Him, Jesus and call upon them in this time of need.

    We will, with them, save the nation and emerge from the storm and the night, into the grand future ahead for our country, and be known as the generation of the Restorers and Refounders.

  8. He is putting himself in a no lose position. We either kneel or revolt. Revolt would bring the Goverment down on us and he could cancel election in 2012 due to violence etc…. We may be too late already. Invest in seed and lead.

  9. It so sad, that so many still do not see or choose to deny what is coming. I pray to God every night to watch over and guide us that do.

  10. I’m really worried that it may be too late to stop them through legal means.

    They seem to be getting more bold and open. Arrogant, confident, with no limits on acting out their agenda.

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