4 thoughts on “Occupiers Storm Boston Tea Party Rally

  1. It is time that Tea Party members stopped being so passive. This group should have formed a line that kept the protesters far from the pavilion. They should have stood in the way, peacefully, of those who tried to pass through. They should have stopped the prepared speeches from time to time and led chants against the protestors. They should have stayed until the end of the program.

    I suppose that the protestors had a right to march. The Tea Party had the sound system and should have used to to their advantage. Instead they just went ahead and allowed their meeting to be disrupted.

    The size of the Tea Party crowd was disappointing. It is time that our membership got active again. Let’s show these jerks that we surround them.

    Maybe its time that we sent a few of our people to disrupt their “peaceful” meetings.

    1. This is the ultimate battle of good vs evil. Obama owns this movement! It is quite telling how agitated they get at hearing God’s word and the truth. God help us all.

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