5 thoughts on “Mark Levin is Far from Impressed by “The Donald”

  1. While Mark Levin is far from impressed by “The Donald”, a far greater majority of Americans are far from being impressed by Mark Levin, who is on the trajectory of Glenn Beck (a gliding anvil), and more recently this website. Add me to the list of those not impressed with Mark Levin or New Zeal’s Trevor London. Once upon a time, I thought both were great, however over the last 12 months, I’ve wondered if “New Zeal” wouldn’t be better re-branded as “New Zealots”.

  2. Trump is a narcissistic opportunist and should not be given a second thought. He is as phoney as Obama.

  3. We cannot make the Democrats gleeful by running Donald Trump for president. He has absolutely NO credibility. Allen West/Michele Bachman. Please give us an actual choice!!

  4. Donald Trump has always been full of himself–and…other things–and he always will be. He is therefore no less qualified, and no more qualified than any other lying, grandstanding politician.

    He certainly seems a better candidate than the pathetic Republican hopefuls, and a better candidate than the pathetic Democratic contenders.

    If he will ban conservative Jesus Freakism and ban Liberal stupidity, and impose the constitution so that the citizens will no longer be slaves but free individuals, I will certainly vote for him.

    I won’t hold my breath for any politician advocating freedom for the masses, though.

    Push comes to shove, I’d rather have Trump in the White House then the cowardly puke squatting there now.

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